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Dilbert asks Dogbert why he stays at this company when he could make more elsewhere.
Professional, money, salary, coffee, antics, feeble, loser, bathrobe, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert wonders whether he should stay at the company where the commute is easy or go to a start-up.
Professional, money, salary, commute, fast-pace, start-up, company, yak, IPO, Dilbert, Bob, Ratbert

The Garbageman explains why Dilbert stays at his current job rather than switching.
Professional, investment, stock, unvested, suffer, brain, loss, opportunity, stupid, trashcan, Dilbert, Garbageman

Phil comes to torment Dilbert while he wonders whether to quit or stay.
Professional, wait, quit, stock, unvested, heck, limbo, overflow, pitchspoon, Dilbert, Phil

Phil takes Dilbert to limbo in the career section.
Professional, limbo, heck, career, please wait to be seated, service, Phil, Dilbert

Dilbert says the product is defective and asks the Boss whether to delay shipment to ensure quality.
Philosophy, test, product, defective, customer, delivery, goal, quality, book revenue, Swiss bank, bathrobe, Dilbert, Boss, Dogbert

Dilbert wants to see a web site that's been blocked at the firewall.
Corporate Services, web site, block, IS Group, business case, web productivity, security, shell, casual day, committee, Dilbert, Boss, snail

The Boss is impressed Asok developed eight patentable ideas.
Management, patent, develop, idea, bury, literal, free time, Boss, Asok

The Boss says Dilbert needs some face time with the vice president.
Note: An alternative strip with a different final panel was published on the website. The panel showed another employee kissing the vice president's ass.
Management, office, face time, important, raise, ask, butt kiss, ass kiss, brown nose, Boss, Dilbert, vice president, secretary

Dilbert doesn't believe Ted will get information for him.
Office Politics, information, hunt, busy, hate, advance, time, Dilbert, Ted, Dogbert

Catbert sends Dilbert to "Cynics Anonymous" because he's becoming too aware of reality.
Personnel, aware, reality, cynics anonymous, higher power, naive, optimism, perfect employee, fluorescent, block, Catbert, Dilbert

Dilbert shows up for a "Cynics Anonymous" meeting where they spend his dues on beer.
Personnel, cynics anonymous, naive, trust, dues, beer, gambling cruise, Dilbert, chairman

The Boss doesn't want Marketing invited to the planning meeting because they'll hose the plan.
Marketing, planning, meeting, sabotage, implementation, hose, botch, doom, kid, reason, plan, Boss, Dilbert

The Boss announces a policy of driving carefully while talking on a mobile phone.
Policy, car, cell phone, drive, tree, poison, snake, Boss, Asok

Dilbert worries when the CEO sells his stock.
Investment, CEO, sell, stock, routine, diversification, portfolio, Dilbert, Boss

Dogbert explains management is an organism that needs to survive and grow.
Management, consultant, organism, survive, grow, fertiliser, plant, weasel, Dogbert, Boss

The Boss goes on a sales call but is told not to talk.
Sales, customer, talk, discontinue, product, lull, fill, conversation, sales rep, Boss, customer

Dilbert is forced to wait outside the Boss's office while the Boss is on the phone.
Management, office, wait, appointment, telephone, noise, talk, arm hair, grow, idle, Carol, Dilbert, Boss

Asok creates a prison Morse code so he and Wally can communicate.
Office Politics, prison, Morse code, communicate, tap, cubicle, wall, e-mail, Asok, Wally

The Boss announces because of unusually high profits this year, next year's targets will be impossible.
Management, division, profit, target, sabotage, customer, spend, leadership training, class, coffee mug, follow, wasteful, Boss, Wally, Dilbert, Asok

Dilbert meets his new lab partner, Paul Tergeist.
Start of saga: Paul Tergeist
Technology, lab partner, system failure, technology, error, pen, hover, poltergeist, Paul Tergeist, Boss, Dilbert

Paul Tergeist says this technology will work; he's sure of it.
Technology, spirit, possess, computer, fly, head crash, nickel, ow, poltergeist, monitor, injury, Paul Tergeist, Dilbert

The Boss wants a demo of the new product, and Dilbert complains about his lab partner.
Technology, spirit, demo, product, CEO, anger, energy, channel, death, soul, Boss, Dilbert, Paul Tergeist

Dilbert gives a demo of software that doesn't exist. Even the user interface doesn't exist.
Technology, demo, software, user interface, cool, question, complete, laptop computer, Dilbert, Boss, customer

Dogbert plans to give out gullibility awards to famous people.
Dogbert-Schemes, award, worthless, famous, celebrities, award ceremony, prestigious, Dogbert Gullibility Award, nomination, honour, Dogbert, famous person, Dilbert

Dogbert awards the Lifetime Gullibility Award to Bob Flabeau.
Dogbert-Schemes, award, Dogbert Gullibility Award, lifetime award, biography, false memories, herbal therapist, stick, gold, Dogbert, Bob Flabeau

Dilbert gives a presentation of meaningless diagrams and words.
Presentation, diagram, shape, word, synchronise, incremental, digital, integrate, dynamic, e-commerce, space, experiment, result, disturb, line, impressive, Dilbert, Ted, co-worker, Dogbert

Wally schedules his meetings around the Boss's vacation days.
Office Politics, meet, boss vacation day, pretend, binder, walk, Wally, Ted

Dilbert's Mom asks what he's been doing. Dilbert says it's nothing important.
Family, action item, strategy, cost, GNP, tuition, money, Dilbert's Mom, Dilbert