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Wally shows up for work instead of telecommuting.
Health, telecommute, sick, rest, office, pamper, pyjamas, work clothes, Wally, Dilbert

The Boss turns down a training request from Alice because he needs her in the office.
Training, class, skill, obsolete, walk, coffee cup, Boss, Alice, Wally

The Boss wants the web site to be more webbish, but not too webbish.
Technology, web site, vague, webbish, estimate, schedule, requirement, Boss, Dilbert

Wally practises astral projection.
Office Politics, book, astral projection, meeting, trance, concentrate, fear, Wally, co-worker, Dilbert

The Boss rewards Carol the secretary for getting her MBA by allowing her to get herself a coffee.
Management, MBA, secretary, reward, coffee, promote, pompous baboon, stigma, Boss, Carol, Alice, Dilbert, Wally

The Boss says he speaks English but thinks in French.
Management, English, French, training, think, speak, croissant, Boss, Carol

The old web designer quits and a new one starts.
Technology, web, design, idiot, quit, pay, salary, Ethernet, laptop computer, webmistress, co-worker, Ming, Dilbert, Boss

The Boss specifies what he wants on the new web site.
Technology, web, design, requirement, skeleton, dance, dinosaur, picture, disk, webmistress, Boss, Ming

Webmistress Ming describes the sponsor arrangements for linking with sponsors.
Technology, web, design, sponsor, link, eyeball, site, owe, net, webmistress, Ming, Boss, Dilbert

Webmistress Ming gets reports of broken links on the web site.
Technology, web, design, link, broken, perverse, pleasure, report, graphics, slow, goatee, webmistress, Wally, Ming, Asok, psychologist

The Boss thinks the Internet might catch on, and says so.
Technology, web, design, Internet, paradigm, beat, rush, catch on, webmistress, Boss, Ming

The Boss hires Sophie, the best engineer in the business, plus her husband who goes along with the deal.
Management, employee, engineer, incompetent, husband, wife, relocation, talent, hire, squirrel, Boss, Dilbert, Sophie, Sophie's husband

Carol schedules the pre-meeting for after the meeting.
Meeting, pre-meeting, schedule, time, care, pre-care, Carol, Dilbert

Catbert and the Boss enjoy a laugh. Dilbert thinks they're discussing his performance evaluation.
Management, condescend, wrong, laugh, performance evaluation, Catbert, Boss, Dilbert, Carol

Dilbert tells Ted that Ted's project got cancelled.
Project, cancel, love, renounce, religion, pain, ouch, Dilbert, Ted

Dilbert's blood pressure is below the company average and the Boss isn't happy about that.
Health, blood pressure, clinic, below average, more work, screening, nurse, Dilbert, Boss

The Boss praises the employees in his own way: they have the best employees in the world.
Management, encourage, praise, best, employee, pay, morale, checklist, meeting, Boss, Wally, Dilbert

The Boss talks to Alice about her tendency to abuse co-workers.
Management, counsel, temper, abuse, co-worker, theory, personality, DNA, tingle, Boss, Alice

The employees come to the Boss with requests but he turns them down and puts himself in their place.
Management, request, laptop computer, technical seminar, Hawaii, time off, caterpillar, pattern, order, day off, Tina, Boss, Dilbert, Alice, Wally

The Boss asks Asok to observe the vice president from a duck blind.
Management, observe, priority, duck blind, office, cubicle, floss, Boss, Asok, vice president

Asok observes the vice president try to disrupt the office activity.
Office Politics, duck blind, document, read, lose, decision, subject, tool, clean, ear, pencil, Asok, vice president

The Boss asks Wally to do nothing until they get market research data.
Management, work, market research, data, mouse, idle, happy, footsteps, Boss, Wally

Dogbert sets up a web site to dispense free medical advice.
Start of saga: Dogbert sets up a web site for medical advice and makes billions on the IPO.
Dogbert-Schemes, web site, medical advice, free, exercise, IPO,, ear, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dogbert's web site goes public and Dogbert makes billions.
Dogbert-Schemes, web site,, IPO, billion, profit, neener neener, loser, bathrobe, news reader, Dilbert

Dogbert explains to Ratbert how he'll use his billions to buy companies that have real value.
Family, IPO, triumph, inflate, stock, company, hype, substance, moral compass, spin, Dogbert, Ratbert

Dilbert admits to the Boss the product can be developed on time and under budget as long as a few features are dropped.
Management, sarcasm, on time, budget, project, product, wide area network, shoebox, yarn, open door policy, threat, protocol, diagnostic, Dilbert, Boss

The company's strategy is to follow trends, Ted says.
Presentation, strategy, trend, react, slide, presentation, Ted, Dilbert

The Boss describes a new executive MBA program that he signed up for -- one hour long.
Start of saga: The Boss attends a one-hour executive MBA program.
Training, MBA, executive, prestigious, university, late, meeting, Boss, Wally, Dilbert

Dogbert presents a case study in his one-hour executive MBA program.
Training, MBA, executive, money, return, case study, Dogbert, Boss

Dogbert concludes the one-hour executive MBA program by handing out diplomas.
Training, MBA, executive, presentation, whiteboard, boring, embezzle, diploma, laser printer, degree, prestigious, Dogbert

The Boss schedules a meeting for 6 AM and Dilbert guesses the Boss would arrive late.
Management, early, meeting, schedule, traffic, late, sociopath, sleep, Boss, Dilbert