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No more coffee in the cubicles, the CEO says according to the Boss.
Policy, CEO, ban, coffee, cubicle, distraction, turn, expense, pride, Boss, Dilbert, Alice, Wally

The Boss has a new PDA to keep track of appointments.
Technology, PDA, meeting, voice control, appointment, schedule, Boss, Wally, Dilbert

A support line caller waits for an hour to talk to Dogbert.
Tech Support, support line, queue, loser, superior, religious debate, telephone headset, support caller, Dogbert

Dogbert has no time to waste when handling support calls.
Tech Support, support line, reboot, call time, average, shut up, telephone headset, improvement, Dogbert, support caller

Bob prefers an old manual typewriter to computers.
Technology, computer, typewriter, friend, evolve, bird, mistake, Bob

Alice complains to a doctor about sickness and her out-of-control emotions.
Health, sick, morning, emotion, Mahjobis Crappus, Mahjobis Stinkus, Mahjobbis Crappus, stethoscope, clipboard, cry, punch, Alice, doctor

The doctor tells Alice about a cure for her job-related sickness.
Health, job, sick, cure, brochure, assisted suicide, stethoscope, Alice, doctor

A vendor salesman agrees to a deal, then tries to get Dilbert to sign a totally different contract.
Sales, negotiate, contract, deliver, surprise, condition, last minute, briefcase, complain, equipment, bait and switch, vendor, Dilbert

Wally receives a large requirements document and tries to keep from reading it.
Project, requirements document, weight, multi-user, global, guess, Wally, customer

The engineers decide who must read a huge requirements document.
Project, requirements document, destroy, freak accident, Thomas Edison, oily rag, arson, Dilbert, Wally, Asok

Dilbert and Wally report the large requirements document was accidentally destroyed.
Project, requirements document, destroy, accident, marketing, queen bee, shredded clothing, scorch, Dilbert, Boss, Wally

Dilbert sets out to capture the Queen Bee of Marketing.
Marketing, expedition, capture, rope, knapsack, marketing buzz, loyal, Dilbert, Dogbert, Queen Bee of Marketing, marketeer

Dilbert meets the Queen Bee of Marketing and gives her enough rope to hang herself.
Marketing, buzz, rope, free, hang, neck, engineer, suicide, Queen Bee of Marketing, marketeer, Dilbert

The Boss complains employees use too much electricity.
Management, dark, electricity, hog, office, double click, Boss, Dilbert

The Boss sends Carol to fetch Dilbert, since only face-to-face seems to work.
Management, communication, e-mail, telephone, pager, productivity, ground troops, magazine, conversation, knapsack, backpack, walking stick, expedition, Carol, Boss, Dilbert, Ted

Hammerhead Bob invites himself to lunch with Alice and Tina where he dominates the conversation.
Office Politics, lunch, uninvited, clean room, loud, trench coat, unconscious, Hammerhead Bob, Alice, Tina

Hammerhead Bob jumps in to nearby conversations.
Office Politics, spring loaded, butt, conversation, authority, jump in, discussion, Hammerhead Bob, Wally, Dilbert

The Boss congratulates Dilbert for his ten billion dollar invention, and tells him not to have decorations above the walls of his cubicle.
Management, invention, revenue, policy, decoration, cubicle, gizmo, important, Boss, Dilbert

The customer appreciation theme is "Thank Goodness there are so Many Idiots."
Office Politics, appoint, customer appreciation, celebrate, theme, idiot, joke, poster, lunch, Alice, Dilbert, Asok, Wally

Catbert points out nasty clauses in an employment agreement.
Personnel, quit, job, employment agreement, industry, ban, contract, dance, goatee, employee, Catbert

Catbert says all computer wallpaper must be the same to eliminate individuality.
Policy, individuality, wallpaper, computer, helium, voice, Catbert, Dilbert

Alice gets stressed out about meeting impossible deadlines, while Wally's advice is to remain calm.
Professional, project, stress, role model, deadline, calm, pride, ambition, glory, VP, student, master, pressure, Wally, Alice, Ted

The Boss assigns Dilbert to a team of good people plus one stubborn big dumb guy.
Start of saga: Big stubborn dumb guy
Management, team, v-neck sweater, dumb, stubborn, intelligent, motivation, Boss, Dilbert, Dan, co-worker

Dilbert welcomes the team and explains Dan's role as a stubborn guy to prevent success.
Project, team, talent, professional, stubborn, fail, vision statement, success, Dilbert, Dan

Dan, the stubborn guy, recommends removing contract employees from the e-mail bulletin list.
Project, team, contract employee, e-mail, bulletin, information, incremental cost, agreement, fight, Dan, Dilbert

Dan, the big stubborn dumb guy, introduces the little stubborn dumb guy.
Project, stubborn, thwart, argue, Dan, Little Stubborn Dumb Guy

The Boss explains how to save money by cutting used paper into little squares.
Management, note pad, money, paper, time, Boss, Wally, Dilbert

Dilbert's presentation is taken over by a co-worker.
Presentation, slide, overhead, hijack, hostile takeover, laser pointer, data, diagram, bathrobe, Dilbert, Ted, Dogbert

Alice has the Boss pinned down to admit he's wrong. Finally!
Management, bullet point, wrong, admit, Boss, Alice, Wally, Asok, Dilbert

Catbert says the company likes to promote within the company.
Personnel, promote, yank your chain, smart, timid, Catbert, Asok

Dogbert made a list of Dilbert's common mental errors.
Family, checklist, time saver, mental, error, hell, category, clipboard, hot, Dogbert, Dilbert