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It's not OK for a woman to act assertive like men can, the Boss tells Alice.
Management, assertive, gender, boxer, b word, bitch, Boss, Alice

Alice killed another co-worker but did not discriminate, sexually harass or take drugs.
Personnel, employee manual, kill, co-worker, discriminate, sexually harass, drug, award, cost savings, idea, Catbert, Alice

Asok has taken too much training, Catbert says.
Personnel, training, class, skill, secret untraining method, hammer, head, mallet, blindfold, Catbert, Asok

The Boss sprays himself with Teflon spray.
Consultant, spray, ignore, Teflon, trademark, pot, head, shake well, Dogbert, Boss

Dilbert's opinion doesn't stick on the Boss.
Management, opinion, stick, Teflon, damp sponge, wipe, Dilbert, Boss

The Boss wants Dilbert to e-mail him two copies.
Management, e-mail, copy, fax, hard copy, Internet, surf, motivation, consciousness, lazy, Boss, Dilbert, Wally

Alice can't stop to talk to Wally because she's rushing to meet a deadline.
Project, rush, talk, deadline, planning, suffer, coffee, nickname, java-wava, bean brew, Alice, Wally

Wally hangs around Alice's cubicle and gets credit on her project.
Project, cubicle, teamwork, disturb, reputation, Alice, Boss, Wally

The Boss asks Dilbert to testify in a lawsuit. He should tell the truth but not speak plainly.
Start of saga: Dilbert testifies in a corporate lawsuit.
Law, lawsuit, testify, truth, understand, whistle blower, engineer, Boss, Dilbert

A corporate lawyer prepares Dilbert for his testimony.
Law, court, testimony, coach, liar, attorney, handsome, hit, suspenders, injury, corporate lawyer, Dilbert

In court, a lawyer asks Dilbert to explain a cryptic memo.
Law, e-mail, testify, court, integration, memo, communication, perjury, leverage, corporate lawyer, Dilbert, judge

Dilbert describes the alleged crimes of his employer to the jury. They don't understand the technical terms.
Law, court, whistle blower, corrupt, competition, jury, crime, applet, cookie, portal, hungry, selection, corporate lawyer, Dilbert

The Boss doesn't like Dilbert's idea, but doesn't explain why.
Management, idea, naive, condescending, pat on the head, empty handed, bathrobe, Dilbert, Boss, Dogbert

Alice e-mails her resume to a headhunter using company resources.
Start of saga: Alice sends her resume to a headhunter and the Boss receives it.
Personnel, perfect crime, company resources, resume, e-mail, headhunter, Alice, Boss

The Boss asks Dilbert to evaluate the skills of a person whose resume arrived from a headhunter.
Personnel, resume, headhunter, evaluation, interview, qualified, loyalty, engineer, skill, Boss, Dilbert, Alice

Alice goes to an interview with the Boss in disguise.
Personnel, interview, job, fashion, tool, disguise, lunch, hat, sunglasses, Alice, Boss, Wally, Dilbert

The Boss offers a disguised Alice a higher-paying job.
Personnel, job offer, interview, parking space, hire, hat, authority, Boss, Alice, Catbert

Dilbert uses fake babies to flirt with a cashier.
Dating, name tag, fake baby, flirt, cash register, Dilbert, cashier

Dilbert uses fake rubber babies to become a chick magnet.
Dating, fake baby, rubber, chick magnet, fly, tree, swat, tough love, Dilbert, woman

A new engineer is hired for Dilbert's project, but Catbert has varied reasons for choosing the new engineer.
Personnel, hire, project, cheap, raise, fuzzy, cute, budget, laugh, static electricity, zap, meeting, engineer, Catbert, Dilbert

The Boss helps Dilbert design a circuit.
Management, project, ram cache, engineer, timeline, circuit design, design, Boss, Dilbert

Asok is moved to the quality assurance group.
Start of saga: Asok in quality assurance.
Management, quality assurance, transfer, headcount, problem, contribution, Boss, Asok, Wally, Dilbert

Asok complains to Wally about his transfer to quality assurance and vows to be back.
Office Politics, transfer, quality assurance, wiener dog, web site, Asok, Wally, co-worker

Asok wants to make sure the engineering group doesn't forget him.
Office Politics, transfer, quality assurance, forget, break time, fire hose, career, window, Asok, Dilbert, Wally

Asok escapes quality assurance by taking a job as a secretary's assistant.
Corporate Services, quality assurance, escape, transfer, secretary's assistant, intern, yell, curse, Dilbert, Asok, Carol

Catbert "face-reads" Wally to determine his potential.
Personnel, evaluation, science, face-reading, potential, thoroughbred horse, jockey, saddle, flashlight, Catbert, Wally

Wally complains about a problem but says it's not his job to fix them.
Meeting, problem, can't do everything, angry, identify problem, ambiguity, forever, Wally, Alice, Asok, Boss, Dilbert

A cube farmer removes a weed from Dilbert's cubicle.
Start of saga: cube farming
Corporate Services, cube farming, weed, light, cubicle, nourish, choke, hoe, cube farmer, Dilbert, Boss

A cube farmer moves a tall guy from a cubicle to an office.
Corporate Services, cube farming, container, door, cubicle, office, tall, reason, hoe, cube farmer, Wally, Dilbert, co-worker

A cube farmer gives Dilbert a doughnut.
Corporate Services, cube farming, crop, fatten, doughnut, salt, pretzel stick, pitchfork, cube farmer, Dilbert