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Asok tries to reserve the conference room and Carol laughs in his face.
Office Politics, conference room, reserve, laugh, request, power, explain, Asok, Carol

Marketing people want engineers to build products the engineers didn't help plan.
Marketing, product, plan, session, art history, college, cloak, invisible, marketing guy, Clover, Dilbert

Dogbert starts referring to himself in the third person.
Family, third person, great, idea, ruin, crown, sceptre, Dogbert, Bob

Dogbert decides to become a doctor, where his large ego will seem normal.
Start of saga: Doctor Dogbert
Dogbert-Schemes, ego, doctor, ulcer, challenge, die, underwear, crown, sceptre, Doctor Dogbert, stethoscope, Dogbert, patient, Dilbert

Dogbert, the doctor, recommends a patient eat grass from his lawn.
Dogbert-Schemes, doctor, herbal, therapy, lawn, bald, cure, storm gutter, prescription, Doctor Dogbert, underwear, crown, stethoscope, Dogbert

A patient with a hurt elbow shows Dogbert his rear end.
Dogbert-Schemes, doctor, elbow, hurt, marketing, vote, butt, ass, career, Doctor Dogbert, crown, stethoscope, prescription, patient, Dogbert

Mordac the Preventer of information services takes Dilbert's computer and PDA.
Corporate Services, computer, PDA, network cable, printer, human resources, share, two wrongs make a right, reality, suspenders, Mordac, Dilbert, Catbert, Dogbert

A "meeting moth" is attracted to Dilbert's meeting.
Start of saga: Meeting moth
Meeting, meeting, urge, beat, senseless, envy, sense of purpose, meeting moth, Wally, Dilbert

Dilbert and Alice suffer at a meeting with a "meeting moth."
Meeting, clothes, eat, swear, empty stomach, Dilbert, Alice, meeting moth

A "meeting moth" detects a meeting people are trying to hide from him.
Meeting, sense, irresistible, doughnut, cedar, join, sacrifice, meeting moth, Asok, Boss

Dogbert, on tech support, tries to discourage a caller.
Tech Support, question, transfer, hope, destroy, understand, technology, telephone, Dogbert

Dogbert, on tech support, wants a serial number from inside a unit even though opening the case will void the warranty.
Tech Support, serial number, warranty, inside, case, catch-22, telephone, Dogbert, caller

Dogbert wants to know if he has too much false humility.
Family, false, humility, fetid, carp, experience, joy, week, difference, crown, sceptre, Dogbert, Dilbert

An employee complains to Catbert the ceiling in his work area had collapsed.
Safety, ceiling, complain, steel beam, fraud, unconscious, suicide, employee, Catbert

At the beginning of a long meeting, Asok is much too enthusiastic.
Meeting, definition, Information Technology, material, enthusiasm, stupidity, Ted, Asok, Wally, Dilbert

Catbert says he values input from all employees except morons.
Personnel, input, moron, Pinball Wizard, ear, sing, Catbert, Asok

An engineer can't design a power supply, so puts a nail in a block of wood.
Technology, power supply, design, nail, wood, vacation, idea, gizmo, change, engineer, Dilbert

Everyone must take a short lunch break, the Boss says.
Professional, lunch, break, time, death, Boss, Wally, Dilbert, Alice

Dilbert's date shows him her pierced bellybutton.
Dating, pierce, bellybutton, kiss, dry heaves, Dilbert, Dilbert's date

The Boss shows how he deals with a critical assignment.
Management, to do, pile, critical, assignment, Boss

Wally presents "The Wally Report" at the staff meeting and says he received record levels of work.
Meeting, staff meeting, Wally report, assignment, stockholder, work, moral, ethics, Wally, Dilbert, Boss, Alice

The Boss introduces Allen, the new sacrificial lamb.
Start of saga: Allen, the sacrificial lamb
Management, sacrificial lamb, headcount, vacancy, budget cut, attachment, Boss, Allen, Dilbert

The Boss reassigns Allen the sacrificial lamb to be part of the furniture budget.
Management, sacrificial lamb, budget, salary, furniture, credenza, Boss, Allen

Allen complains to Catbert about being a sacrificial lamb.
Pun, sacrificial lamb, furniture, precedent, help, position, Allen, Catbert

The executives have started a strategic planning session, the Boss says.
Leadership, executive, strategy, plan, session, data, knowledge, reorganise, magazine, illusion, Boss, Wally, Dilbert

Tina uses tears to defend herself from the Boss.
Office Politics, secret weapon, cry, trouble, glass ceiling, marry, rich, Boss, Tina, Alice

Catbert creates a policy about tip limits when travelling.
Policy, reimbursement, travel, tip, meal, fork, Catbert

The Boss explains why Asok doesn't get a raise.
Management, raise, employee, motorcycle, generalise, cocaine, crack, mentor, SAT, mood, tickle, youth, young, Boss, Asok