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Morale is low according to the annual employee satisfaction survey.
Management, survey, annual, employee satisfaction, morale, bonus, Boss, Dilbert, Alice

Newspaper subscriptions will not be paid for by the company, the Boss says.
Professional, newspaper, subscription, relevance, jabber, enjoy, Boss, Dilbert

In an interview, Catbert calls the applicant "Tubby," instead of his real name, "Toby."
Personnel, interview, hire, tubby, dumb, resume, human resources, entrepreneur, injury, Catbert, Toby

Catbert thinks Dennis, the sadistic nut, is doing a good job.
Personnel, sadistic nut, party, happy, good work, spinach dip, Catbert, Dennis

Alice rigged the shredder to kill Dennis, the sadistic nut.
Office Politics, shredder, sadistic nut, kill, warranty, switch, marketing, lunch, Alice, Dilbert, Wally

Service reps who excel at customer service will be celebrated, the Boss says.
Note: A preliminary version of the strip was published on the website that had a different punchline, "is this some sort of Special Olympics thing?"
Management, service rep, celebrate, customer service, extra work, extra pay, smart, Special Olympics, Boss, Dilbert, Wally

The team must be more like eagles than ducks, the Boss says.
Management, eagle, duck, egg, pre-reading, Boss, Wally, Dilbert, Alice

The Boss asks Alice to attend a meeting and answer technical questions with ventriloquism.
Management, meeting, technical, question, ventriloquism, IP router, suppository, configuration, Boss, Alice, man

Alice's performance exceeded the Boss's expectations but she doesn't get the top rating.
Performance Review, exceed, expectation, rating, shoot for, harpoon, Boss, Alice

Dogbert writes a how to book that tells how to achieve spectacular results without trying.
Dogbert-Schemes, how to book, book, write, lottery, real estate, ice cream, lose weight, gymnasium, angel, witness, recycle, bathrobe, near-death experience, Dogbert, Dilbert

Wally announces he'll let his hair grow long in back.
Start of saga: Wally has a ponytail and gets a web-based business.
Fashion, Wally report, staff meeting, hair, ponytail, artistic, coffee mug, Wally, Boss, Dilbert, Alice

Wally shows Asok how he puts his hair into a ponytail.
Fashion, hair, ponytail, middle age, cool, raising the bar, Wally, Asok

Some venture capitalists want to invest in Wally's web-based business even though he only has a ponytail.
Investment, entrepreneur, venture capital, ponytail, web, cool, venture capitalist, Wally

Wally shows off his money to start a web-based business.
Investment, entrepreneur, web, business, ponytail, accounting, irregularities, lazy, dishonest, Wally, Dilbert

Venture capitalists want to know why Wally has squandered their investment.
Investment, cool, ponytail, fund, Internet, swoon, E-commerce, venture capitalist, Wally

Wally's plan for his start-up company is to become the dominant source for tuna sandwiches.
Entrepreneur, Internet, start-up, company, plan, dominate, tuna sandwich, ship, overnight, Dilbert, Wally

A security guard catches Dilbert trying take equipment out without the proper form.
Corporate Services, security, authorise, equipment removal, form, signature, birth certificate, allege, baby picture, Dilbert, security guard

Wally describes how running his Internet company led to his low job satisfaction.
Entrepreneur, Internet, job satisfaction, disloyalty, theft, sabotage, Wally, Boss, Dilbert, Alice

During an interview, Wally is asked how his start-up company got so hot.
Entrepreneur, Internet, start-up, interview, television, ponytail, hot, television camera, engineer, Wally, television reporter

Wally says he sold his business and got married.
Entrepreneur, Internet, marriage, trophy wife, money, prenuptial agreement, honeymoon, lunch, Wally, Roxie, Alice, Dilbert

Wally says he learned a lesson from losing his money and his wife.
Entrepreneur, money, trophy wife, learn a lesson, forget, lunch, Wally, Alice, Dilbert

A certain boss brought down profits by calling a 900 number from an airplane phone.
Accounting, profit, 900 telephone number, credit card, airplane telephone, travel, wife, personal call, accountant, Boss

A co-worker wants to floss in front of Dilbert.
Office Politics, floss, rude, disgust, hate, ignore, Dilbert, co-worker

Some women help Dilbert get a stain out of his shirt.
Personal, wine, stain, shirt, clean, margarita, pepper spray, lighter fluid, salt, woman, Dilbert, Dogbert

Carol is interrupted by a call from home.
Personal, office supplies, family, discipline, homework, gasoline, telephone, Dilbert, Carol

Dilbert waits for Carol to get off the phone to her kids.
Office Politics, family, kid, cheetah, panda, office supplies, key, telephone, Dilbert, Wally

Ratbert observes people with a lot of experience are the ones who die.
Family, experience, die, immortality, overrated, plan, coffee can, Ratbert, Bob, Dilbert

Alice finished a RFQ and wants Carol to send it out before the deadline.
Start of saga: Carol sends out an urgent document.
Corporate Services, RFQ, all-nighter, deadline, send, stack, quote, bid, Alice, Carol

Carol is very careless about delivering an urgent document.
Corporate Services, RFQ, urgent, overnight, drop box, coffee, truck, bumper, quote, bid, Carol

The Boss complains Alice missed the RFQ deadline and they lost a customer.
Management, RFQ, deadline, overnight, mail, lazy, apology, bonus, guess, quote, evil, secretary, bid, Boss, Alice

The Boss doesn't want to share the company's strategic plan with Dilbert.
Management, strategic plan, secret, employee, sabotage, report, glance, warranty, chair, manage to a strategy, Boss, Dilbert