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The Boss has no brain function after his accident, but he can still talk.
Health, accident, brain, talk, staff meeting, IV stand, EEG, doctor, Boss, Dilbert

Microsoft misspelled a word in their spell-checking software.
Technology, Microsoft, headquarters, spell checker, market power, industry standard, Comdex, Microsoft employee, Bill Gates

Tina discovers a misspelled word in her spell-checking software.
Technology, sabotage, spell checker, global conspiracy, Webster, dictionary, Tina, Wally

Dogbert recommends "face time" with the vice president to get a promotion.
Family, promotion, face time, photo, relative, paperwork, Dogbert, vice president, secretary, Dilbert

A report shows what raises would have been if the company hadn't cancelled raises.
Management, raise, report, cancel, imaginary, pretend, Carol, Dilbert

Asok asks Wally why employees are evil and obstructionist.
Office Politics, wisdom, mentor, evil, obstruction, coincidence, good, stab, lazy, headache, explode, Asok, Wally

Asok now reports to Alice instead of the Boss. They can no longer communicate directly.
Start of saga: Asok reports to Alice and gets cut off from the world.
Management, report, speak, middle person, request, e-mail, Boss, Asok, Alice

Now that he reports to her, Asok has trouble getting Alice to respond.
Management, respond, e-mail, voicemail, telephone company, question, Asok, Alice

Asok complains no one returns his calls or replies to e-mails.
Office Politics, telephone, e-mail, loser, no offence, Asok, Wally

Dilbert gives a financial model of the company to the Boss.
Management, financial model, Charles Lindbergh, lightbulb, danger, understand, Dilbert, Boss

The Boss creates his own financial model of the company without knowing assumptions.
Management, financial model, assumption, spreadsheet, strategy, pay, tax rate, Boss, Wally, Dilbert

The Boss experiments with his financial model: sales go up as he changes the page number.
Management, financial model, danger, spreadsheet, page number, sales, Boss, Wally, Dilbert

Justin, in an interview, tells why he wants to work for the company.
Professional, interview, asthma, medical research, hydroelectric dam, idealism, box, Dilbert, Justin

Dogbert discovers he's cuter when his ears are up.
Start of saga: Dogbert is cute with his ears up.
Family, cute, ear, kill, jury, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dogbert withdraws money from other peoples' accounts. He can do that because he is cute.
Dogbert-Schemes, cute, ear, bank, withdrawal, account, funny, count, Dogbert, bank teller

Dogbert goes driving. He gets away with crimes because he is cute.
Dogbert-Schemes, cute, ear, crime, drive, car, ambulance, driver's license, warning, Dogbert, police officer

Ted brings a radio to his cubicle, much to the annoyance of Alice.
Office Politics, cubicle, radio, request, smash, Ted, Alice, Dilbert

Ted opposes Dilbert's plan without having read it.
Project, plan, oppose, opinion, agenda, meeting, emotionally invested, Ted, Dilbert

Dilbert walks through a decoy plan for people to hate, and then displays the real plan.
Project, plan, worm, decoy, mouth, Dilbert, co-worker

The Boss worries the arrows for the direction signs are pointing the wrong way.
Management, problem, conference, direction sign, arrow, site, deep-water platform, hotel, bid, right, left, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert chats with a supermodel who has trouble getting dates.
Start of saga: Dilbert dates a supermodel.
Dating, chat, computer, supermodel, beauty, intimidate, system administrator, ear, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert prepares for his date with a supermodel.
Dating, supermodel, Internet, vase, trash, flower, skull, skeleton, Dilbert, Dogbert, Bonita

The supermodel looks much thinner in person.
Dating, restaurant, camera, supermodel, makeup, hair, Dilbert, Bonita

Dilbert and the supermodel order dinner. Dilbert has much more than the supermodel.
Dating, restaurant, spaghetti, garlic bread, mint, supermodel, skull, skeleton, Dilbert, Bonita, waitress

Dilbert says goodnight to the supermodel on their first date.
Dating, goodnight, kiss, famous, sexy, eye socket, skull, skeleton, engineer, Dilbert, Bonita

The Boss says they must maintain speed and be faster than the competition.
Leadership, motivational speech, sign, desk, urgent, competition, logic, Boss, Dilbert, Wally, Alice, Dogbert

The new corporate policy puts Alice to sleep.
Policy, corporate, mumbo jumbo, sleep, plan, initiative, framework, architecture, strategy, Boss, Alice, Wally

The Boss hires Dennis, a sadistic nut.
Start of saga: The sadistic nut.
Management, sadistic nut, indispensable, vomit, Boss, Dennis, Alice, Dilbert

Dennis the sadistic nut attacks a woman at a meeting.
Office Politics, sadistic nut, meeting, question, body lotion, dead camel, skill, prima donna, co-worker, Dennis, Wally, Dilbert

Dennis the sadistic nut attacks Asok.
Office Politics, sadistic nut, intern, cruel, honesty, fun, marriage, Dennis, Asok, Dilbert, Wally

Catbert sends Wally home because shorts are not acceptable.
Fashion, shorts, dress code, skinhead, bald, acceptable, Catbert, Wally