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The Boss says getting a nickname for the group will solve the morale problem.
Management, morale, problem, nickname, scatological, monkey, grumpy, optimism, Boss, Dilbert, Wally, Alice, Asok

Ann warns she likes to curse.
Start of saga: Ann likes to curse.
Office Politics, swear, curse, warm-up, ear, Ann, Dilbert, Asok, Wally

Ann will curse until people's eyebrows burn off, she warns.
Office Politics, swear, curse, eyebrow, anger, power, Ann, Wally, Dilbert

Ann barges in wherever she wants.
Office Politics, swear, curse, barge, knock, door, hinge, Ann, Boss, co-worker

Dilbert bets Ann can light a match by cursing at it.
Office Politics, swear, curse, ignite, match, fire, hair, skull, Dilbert, Ted, Ann

The Boss hires a humourless blob as creative director.
Management, creative director, innovation, idea, loose cannon, Boss, Dilbert, humourless blob

Dilbert presents to humourless blobs.
Presentation, cartoon, join in, projector, humour, Dilbert, humourless blob

The Boss wants to make Wally quit.
Management, performance review, fire, standards, cubicle, washroom, stall, living hell, Boss, Wally

Alice complains about small raises even though she works hard.
Personnel, work hard, motivation, raise, Alice, Catbert

The Boss wants a project plan for the software changes.
Management, project, plan, resource, justify, software development, laptop computer, Boss, Dilbert

The Boss does not understand Alice's technical recommendation, so he will rely on his insights.
Management, recommendation, report, insight, knowledge, engineer, Boss, Alice

Dogbert tests his emergency monarch system.
Dogbert-Schemes, king, bow, peasant, monarchy, emergency, wretched, crown, bathrobe, breakfast, Dogbert, Dilbert

Carol wants Dilbert to sign a non-employee certification form.
Start of saga: Dilbert signs a form he doesn't understand.
Administration, raise, sign, form, certification, messenger, file cabinet, Carol, Dilbert

Dilbert doesn't want to sign Carol's form.
Administration, form, apply, rule, helpless, attitude, Dilbert, Carol

The Boss wants to keep the organisation chart secret and shred internal phone lists.
Management, organisation chart, telephone list, headhunter, steal, initiative, shred, Boss, Wally, Dilbert, Alice, Asok

Carol expects Dilbert to sign the form even though he doesn't understand it.
Administration, form, sign, legalese, incomprehensible, legal right, involuntary, biological, test, Dilbert, Carol

The Boss tests an experimental medical procedure on the engineers: unicorn antidepressant therapy.
Start of saga: Unicorn horn.
Health, experiment, medical procedure, unicorn antidepressant therapy, horn, laugh, gizmo, Boss, Alice, Wally, Dilbert

Dilbert explains to his date why he has a unicorn horn.
Dating, unicorn, horn, culture, virility, restaurant, Dilbert, Dilbert's date

Dilbert complains to Catbert about growing a unicorn horn.
Pun, unicorn, horn, complain, form, permission, DNA, legalese, stupid, Catbert, Dilbert

Dilbert counts on his mother's love even though he has a unicorn horn.
Family, love, unicorn, horn, Dilbert, Dilbert's Mom

The Garbageman offers to cure Dilbert's unicornitis.
Science, unicorn, horn, DNA, cell normaliser, truck, Garbageman, Dilbert

The goal is zero injuries this year, the Boss says. Anyone injured must fill out a resignation form.
Health, injury, goal, form, resign, injury report, Boss, Wally, Dilbert, Alice

Alice doesn't like her slow-witted co-workers.
Office Politics, love, slow-witted co-worker, soda, lunch, Alice, Wally, Dilbert

The Boss straps magnets to his body for health reasons.
Health, magnet, fascination, impact, erase, hard drive, disc drive, Boss, Dilbert, Wally

Dogbert wants to teach morons how to get high-level jobs.
Dogbert-Schemes, moron, high-level job, wag, addiction, ear, tongue, Dilbert, Dogbert, student

A moron enters the field of knowledge management under Dogbert's guidance.
Dogbert-Schemes, moron, job counselling, expert, knowledge management, optimisation, initiative, smart, leverage, key learning, Dogbert, CFO, Boss

A moron babbles acronyms to Dilbert.
Management, acronym, CFO, idiot, mystery, babble, CFO, Dilbert

The CFO asks for a one-sentence description of everyone's projects.
Management, project, budget, decision, semicolon, sentence, chief financial officer, CFO, Dilbert, Wally

The engineers attend a Windows NT class put on by a computer-illiterate trainer.
Training, Windows NT, teach, stretch, computer, cardboard box, eraser, moose, mouse, teeth, keyboard, trainer, Dilbert, Dogbert, Alice, Wally

The Boss gives Alice a "Stone of Quality" award.
Management, award, Stone of Quality, engrave, weapon, motivation, rock, Boss, police officer, Alice