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Wally and Alice recommend the Boss focus his attention on one project.
Management, project, attention, meeting, help, lunch, Wally, Alice, Dilbert

The Boss asks everyone to work nights and weekends for a year.
Management, work nights, work weekends, inspiration, quit, Boss, Dilbert, Wally, Alice

Carol rejects Dilbert's receipts because they look fake.
Administration, voucher, expense, receipt, notarise, DNA, Carol, Dilbert

Wally asks Carol to process his voucher.
Administration, voucher, process, priority, chance, odds, Wally, Carol

Alice responds to Ted's FYI e-mail with a 12-page message.
Note: An alternative strip was published on the website showing an extra fourth panel from the newspaper. The extra panel had Alice being violent, holding Ted's heart and saying "And this is your still-beating heart."
Office Politics, e-mail, FYI, decision, response, anger, heart, kill, murder, Ted, Alice, Dilbert

Dilbert asks why his request for a computer upgrade was denied.
Corporate Services, IS Department, computer, upgrade, evil incarnate, benefit, tool, chair, IT department, necessary, quantify, suspenders, Dilbert, Mordac

A consulting company offers a job to Ratbert.
Start of saga: Ratbert becomes a consultant.
Professional, telephone, consulting company, pay, investment bank, job market, Ratbert, consultant

Ratbert considers joining a consulting company for a bushel of money.
Professional, bushel of money, client, travel, compensation, hate, consultant, Ratbert

Ratbert the consultant gets the least desirable assignments.
Consultant, partner, assignment, cannon, progress, client, helmet, suspenders, employee, Ratbert

Ratbert brags about his salary as a consultant.
Consultant, salary, knowledge, Ratbert, client

Ratbert brags about his salary to Dilbert.
Consultant, brag, salary, wealth, personality, disease, Ratbert, Dilbert

Dilbert shows his new computer in a ring to Dogbert.
Technology, ring, computer, display, surf, Internet, tool, gizmo, Dilbert, Dogbert

The Boss gives his annual inspirational presentation -- work hard or the competition will crush us!
Management, retreat, inspiration, competition, quality, afraid, incompetence, compromise, Boss, Dilbert, Wally, Alice

Wally's late for a meeting so the Boss recaps what has happened.
Meeting, late, traffic, decision, train, Wally, Boss, Asok, Dilbert

Alice builds strength to have a bone-crushing handshake.
Office Politics, exercise, handshake, strength, hen party, witty, bone crushing, Alice, Tina, Wally

The Boss gives a safety award to Ted for five years without injuries.
Management, safety, award, injury, incentive, Boss, Ted, Dilbert, Wally, Alice

Alice complains she's either stressed out or bored.
Personnel, work, stress, bored, ice water, complaint, Alice, Catbert

Dogbert doesn't want to remember Dilbert's name.
Family, name, memory, buddy, big guy, name tag, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dilbert creates some work for himself by changing software settings.
Technology, meeting, software, break, management, setting, Dilbert, Boss

Dilbert complains personal business can't be done on company equipment during lunch.
Professional, business, personal, lunch, Internet, mock, ones, zeros, Dilbert, Boss, Wally

Catbert catches Wally stealing empty cardboard boxes.
Personnel, cardboard, box, recycle, reuse, cell, arrest, goal, Catbert, Wally

Improve employee's performance by making them feel bad about themselves, Catbert recommends.
Personnel, performance, insult, fault, list, Catbert, Boss, Dilbert

Anonymous sources say Alice is not meeting her objectives.
Performance Review, objectives, anonymous, fist of death, Boss, Alice

Alice wants to know who said she wasn't meeting her objectives.
Performance Review, objectives, source, accuracy, fact, guilty, Alice, Boss

Ratbert will say whatever comes to mind.
Family, empty, mind, eye-opener, Ratbert, Dilbert

Ratbert makes random observations to fill gaps in the conversations.
Family, conversation, gap, random, observation, pillow, cue, answer, Ratbert, Dogbert

Carol complains of too much work so the Boss installs a partition to hide her.
Management, overwork, partition, hide, success, true story, Carol, Boss

Dilbert presents the "Broken Binder Award" to Asok.
Office Politics, win, Broken Binder Award, peer, trashcan, dump, Dilbert, Wally, Asok

Unusual talents surface in time for the charity talent show.
Management, talent show, charity, math, Boss, Alice, Dilbert, Wally

The Boss gives Dilbert an urgent assignment though he's known about it for weeks.
Management, assignment, urgent, grateful, last minute, Boss, Dilbert