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Ratbert tells Dilbert he submitted the Garbageman's theory to the Nobel Prize Committee.
Start of saga: The Garbageman wins a Nobel Prize.
Science, Nobel Prize, committee, theory, Pig Latin, photon, hair, Ratbert, Dilbert, Nobel Prize Committee member

Members of the Nobel Prize Committee go through the selection process, narrowing it down to theories they don't understand.
Science, committee, Nobel Prize, theory, solution, vote, Occam's Razor, Nobel Prize Committee member

The Garbageman is reluctant to leave the garbage industry even after he won the Nobel Prize.
Science, Nobel Prize, garbage industry, paper plate, trashcan, smell, Ratbert, Garbageman, woman

Dilbert explains he doesn't want to get drunk because he doesn't like to be out of control.
Family, drunk, drink, out of control, date, walk, booze companies, Dilbert, Dogbert

The Boss gets a bomb threat but doesn't tell anyone else.
Management, walk, lunch, bomb threat, hoax, lottery ticket, irony, morale, trench coat, Dilbert, Boss

The Boss criticises Alice at her performance review for not keeping him informed.
Performance Review, project, e-mail, inform, Boss, Alice

Alice stamps congratulations on a card for Ted's death in the family.
Start of saga: Ted has a death in the family and the office celebrates.
Office Politics, card, rubber stamp, death, congratulations, greeting card, Dilbert, Alice

Carol asks Wally if he is free for Ted's surprise party.
Office Politics, surprise party, death, karaoke, card, flower, Carol, Wally

Ted's brother was killed by mobsters; the office is holding a party and Dilbert has to write a funny song.
Office Politics, death, mobster, rival, song, buried, surprise party, goodfella, mafia, Dilbert, Dogbert

The Boss asks Dilbert to write the report in less technical terms, even more so for the upper management.
Management, report, technical, dumb down, CEO, product comparison, happy face, frowny face, presentation, projector, emoticon, Boss, Dilbert

The Boss introduces Rex Tangle, the new employee specially bred to work in a cubicle.
Office Politics, new employee, square meal, personal life, steal, round pegs, cubicle, pun, Boss, Rex Tangle, Wally, Alice, Dilbert

The Garbageman explains how a blind person makes up for the loss of vision by bolstering other senses.
Start of saga: Ratbert is psychic.
Science, blind, hearing, brain, dumb, telekinesis, television, Garbageman, Ratbert

Dilbert attempts to debunk Ratbert's claimed psychic ability by 100 flips of a coin.
Science, psychic, coin, debunk, coincidence, heads, tails, edge, flip, Dilbert, Ratbert

Dilbert is not convinced of Ratbert's psychic ability so Ratbert does one final demonstration.
Science, psychic, coin, coincidence, hen noises, luck, chicken, hover, Dilbert, Ratbert

Dilbert calls the "Skeptics Association" to help prove Ratbert isn't psychic.
Science, psychic, Skeptics Association, debunk, passport, driver's license, clone, DNA, telephone, Dilbert

A skeptic comes over to debunk Ratbert's claims of ESP.
Science, psychic, Skeptics Association, debunk, ESP, OJ Simpson, juror, Hubble Telescope, Dilbert, Ken the Skeptic

Ken the Skeptic tests Ratbert's ESP by making him guess the contents of an envelope.
Science, psychic, envelope, charcoal drawing, woodchuck, beaver, orange, tangerine, fraud, Ken the Skeptic

Dogbert presents Dilbert with a bill for all the time they spent together that wasn't fun.
Family, bill, enjoy, friend, work, fun, trust, bathrobe, Dogbert, Dilbert

Ken the Skeptic tells Dogbert he has debunked everyone who claimed they had mental powers.
Science, psychic, scientific method, debunk, predict, mental powers, ear, Ken the Skeptic, Dogbert

Dogbert asks how Ken knows the controlled tests work for psychic powers when they have never found any.
Science, psychic, controlled test, metal detector, unicorn, sock drawer, Dogbert, Ken the Skeptic

The Boss says the sales force was offered a retirement package of fifty dollars and they all took it.
Management, retire, buyout package, sales force, knowledge, Boss, Wally, Dilbert

Dilbert wants to quit and become an entrepreneur but doesn't want to handle risk.
Entrepreneur, quit, risk, denial, archrival, CEO, humane, bonus, lunch, Dilbert, Wally, Alice

Ken has the flu and tells Alice she won't catch it.
Health, flu, germ, sneeze, contagious, Alice, Ken

Dilbert refuses to take a copy of Ken's work because of Ken's germs.
Health, report, copy, flu, project, reason to live, Ken, Dilbert

The Boss shows up at Dilbert's desk at quitting time with an assignment.
Management, schedule, document, quitting time, sociopath, anthropology, guess, Dilbert, Boss

Dogbert appoints himself Deputy of Common Sense.
Start of saga: Dogbert, Deputy of Common Sense.
Dogbert-Schemes, Deputy of Common Sense, justice, chocolate gun, police hat, gun belt, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dogbert, Deputy of Common Sense, complains about a four hour meeting to find out why people are behind schedule.
Dogbert-Schemes, meeting, behind schedule, agenda, morale, police hat, gun belt, shoot, Dogbert, employee

Dogbert, Deputy of Common Sense, confronts the Boss about his insulting gifts.
Dogbert-Schemes, motivation, gift, chess, pawn, rook, bonus, police hat, gun belt, Dogbert, Boss

Dogbert, Deputy of Common Sense, confronts a government safety inspector.
Dogbert-Schemes, safety inspection, trip, accident, performance, police hat, gun belt, Dogbert, government safety inspector, Wally

Dilbert considers quitting and working for himself at home, but would miss the human contact.
Entrepreneur, quit, own business, human contact, e-mail, self employed, Dilbert, Boss

Dogbert asks Dilbert to work for him, so Dogbert can exploit Dilbert and his inventions.
Entrepreneur, quit, invention, exploit, resource, input, bathrobe, Dilbert, Dogbert