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The Boss says interns are important to the company like minks to a mink coat.
Start of saga: Asok goes to the Analogy Police
Corporate Services, mink, intern, analogy police, Boss, Asok

Asok turns to the Analogy Police for the Boss's remarks about minks.
Corporate Services, analogy police, mink, tip, Asok, Phil

Asok is doubtful of Phil's outfit as an analogy cop.
Fashion, analogy police, casual day, bicycle pants, fright, Asok, Phil

Phil tells how he was ousted as the ruler of heck.
Corporate Services, analogy police, heck, pitchspoon, non-alcoholic beverage, corporate merger, synergy, pitchspoon, Phil, Asok

Phil asks Dogbert for help with writing a resume.
Dogbert-Schemes, resume, qualify, patent, coffee, pitchspoon, Phil, Dogbert

Phil tells Dogbert he'd be good at jobs involving sin, like bingo and budgets.
Professional, career counsellor, resume, marketing, soul, bingo, audit, garment manufacturing, Phil, Dogbert

Wally says he has pride in the process of his work not the results.
Productivity, status report, process pride, morale, result, Wally, Boss

Dogbert says when dating, everything a man says will lower a woman's opinion of him.
Start of saga: Dilbert grunts and agrees with his date
Dating, opinion, compliment, log, negative trends, ear, analyse, pattern, trend, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dilbert does nothing but grunt and agree with his date.
Dating, grunt, coach, date-alyser, cubicle, microscope, Dilbert, Dilbert's date

Dilbert's grunting and agreeing leads his date to say he's a perfect conversationalist.
Dating, grunt, coach, conversation, trap, restaurant, wine, Dilbert, Dilbert's date

Dilbert's date says sooner or later, a man will ruin the magic by talking.
Dating, opinion, time bomb, engineer, kiss, tongue, magic, Dilbert, Dilbert's date

Asok wants to go home early because he's finished his work.
Leadership, intern, exempt, desperation, document, Asok, Boss

Alice tells Asok they'll probably have to work all night to finish a presentation.
Project, presentation, inefficiency, procrastination, martyr, reincarnation, Alice, Asok

Bruce, the new guy, has no office, computer or phone, but gets a collar that gives him shocks.
Corporate Services, cubicle, overcrowding, telephone, computer, shock collar, office, dog collar, Boss, Bruce, Alice, Dilbert

The Boss has hired some contract employees from North Elbonia to help on Dilbert's military project.
Start of saga: North Elbonians work on Dilbert's top-secret military project.
Project, North Elbonia, contract employee, military, secret, top secret, totalitarian, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert complains about the North Elbonian contract workers on the top-secret military project.
Project, North Elbonia, military, treason, execution, legal department, top secret, Dilbert, Boss

Dilbert talks to the company lawyer about the communist contract workers on the top-secret military project.
Project, North Elbonia, military, treason, execute, secret, Dilbert, lawyer

The North Elbonians tell Dilbert about their agreement not to take technology secrets back to their country.
Project, North Elbonia, non-disclosure agreement, secret, North Elbonian, Dilbert

Dilbert reports the North Elbonians have stolen military secrets for their homeland.
Project, North Elbonia, stolen technology, laser, secret, contractor, military, team building, Dilbert, Boss, Alice

Dogbert recommends Tina the technical writer create a manual for the North Elbonian's laser.
Project, North Elbonia, user manual, laser, Helen Reddy, secret, feminism, Dilbert, Dogbert, North Elbonian

Wally returns from training and tells the Boss the knowledge is forgotten but the binder is permanent.
Training, binder, knowledge, cubicle, funding, budget, Wally, Boss, Dilbert

Dan the Illogical Scientist brags to Dilbert he's much smarter.
Science, illogical, invention, ego, brag, Dan the Illogical Scientist, Dilbert

Dan the Illogical Scientist says Alice's idea won't work because some ideas don't work.
Science, illogical, idea, religion, report, laptop computer, Dan the Illogical Scientist, Alice

Dan the Illogical Scientist says he can prove the software Asok is writing will never work.
Science, illogical, software, can't be done, electric shock, Dan the Illogical Scientist, Asok

Asok tells Wally he is Asok's role model.
Professional, role model, philosophy, spine, frustration, lunch, Asok, Wally

Asok continues to learn from his role model: telling people he's dead.
Professional, role model, time management, planning session, Asok, Wally, Alice

Wally, Asok's role model, teaches the art of sarcasm.
Professional, sarcasm, art, discipline, insubordination, shareholder, Wally, Asok, Boss

Dilbert makes soup and improvises on a few ingredients.
Personal, food, cook, soup, gazpacho, French, kitchen, cook, sea salt, corn starch, flour, marjoram, butter, cheese, egg, Dilbert, Dogbert

Ratbert visualises universes within photons and thinks "Nobel Prize."
Science, photon, universe, Nobel Prize, Ratbert, Dilbert

Ratbert discusses theoretical physics with the Garbageman and thinks his skull will explode.
Science, photon, universe, mass, probability, brain is full, tarpaulin, trashcan, Ratbert, Garbageman, Dogbert

Ratbert makes notes of the Garbageman's thoughts on theoretical physics.
Science, gravity, matter, consciousness, universe, trashcan, probability, Garbageman, Ratbert