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Dogbert, the network systems administrator, announces to the ignorant employees he controls people's information.
Dogbert-Schemes, network administrator, employee, board of directors, emperor, escape key, webcam, video camera, Dogbert, Boss

Dogbert, company emperor, collects his salary and downsizes all the employees.
Start of saga: Dogbert, company emperor
Dogbert-Schemes, company emperor, salary, downsize, media, crown, sceptre, file cabinet, bow, prostrate, worship, news conference, wheelbarrow, Dogbert, reporter

Dogbert says the term "downsizing" sounds too negative so calls it "wedgiesizing."
Dogbert-Schemes, company emperor, downsize, wedgiesizing, crown, sceptre, file cabinet, Dogbert, Bob, employee

Dogbert feels something is missing after plundering the company.
Dogbert-Schemes, company emperor, downsize, equity, stock options, hollow victory, book deal, trophy wife, crown, sceptre, limousine, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dogbert, being the major breadwinner, calls the house "Dogbert Manor," and names Dilbert "Jennifer."
Family, breadwinner, Dogbert Manor, electronic, crown, sceptre, tool, gizmo, Dogbert, Dilbert, Jennifer

A money manager wants Dogbert to sign an incomprehensible contract.
Family, money manager, investment, contract, risk, maxed out, ear, money manager, Dogbert

Dogbert lists the ways to disconnect Wally from the tech support line.
Tech Support, disconnect, hold, Kevorkian disconnect, your call is important, telephone headset, wrong button, Dogbert, Wally

Dilbert has an accident with his balloon of sand and ruins his keyboard.
Office Politics, balloon of sand, stress, keyboard, squeeze, Dilbert, Boss

Wally considers disguising his lack of a chin and a waist.
Fashion, beard, chin, sweater, waist, Sherlock Holmes, friend, lunch, mannequin, Wally, Alice, Dilbert

Carol tells the Boss to leave his laptop on during takeoff so he can assume control of the plane.
Start of saga: The Boss is missing because his plane crashes
Secretary, laptop computer, flight, Excel, pilot, airplane, control, Carol, Boss, flight attendant

The staff learns the Boss's plane has crashed.
Management, plane crash, mourn, celebrate, cake, leave early, party hat, Alice, Wally, Dilbert, Asok

The engineers actually like to work now the Boss is presumed dead.
Management, presumed dead, finish project, patent, spoon-hug, give up coffee, weight loss, paradise, Wally, Dilbert, Alice, Tina

The Boss returns from the plane crash with only minor hair injuries.
Management, presumed dead, nun, prayer, injury, aerobics, Alice, Dilbert, Boss

Carol's master plan to eliminate the Boss is training him to be helpless.
Secretary, envelope, master plan, problem solving, South Korea, death penalty, outside line, Boss, Carol

Mordac the Refuser discusses Wally's request for a computer upgrade.
Start of saga: Mordac the Refuser answers all requests.
Corporate Services, refuse, computer, upgrade, request, paperwork, copy, suspenders, Mordac, Wally

Mordac refuses Alice's request for services, even though she didn't make any.
Corporate Services, refuse, Information Technology Department, resource shortages, reverse psychology, suspenders, Mordac, Wally

Alice doesn't want anything from the IT department, so they must give her everything.
Corporate Services, Information Technology Department, reverse psychology, space shuttle, nothing, everything, computer, dish antenna, webcam, video camera, gizmo, suspenders, Alice, Mordac, Dilbert

Dogbert introduces Bob, Dawn and Rex for those who joined the strip late.
Family, dinosaur, extinction, hide, relevant, Dilbert, Bob, Dawn, Rex

Dogbert says one of the dinosaurs must be downsized and Bob reacts badly.
Family, dinosaur, downsize, spike, ficus tree, professional, cute, Dogbert, Bob, Dawn, Rex

Dogbert asks for readers opinion on what to do about downsizing the dinosaurs.
Family, reader survey, downsize, office jokes, opinion, vote, Jimmy Carter, Dogbert, Ratbert, Bob, Dawn, Rex

The Boss explains Catbert's policy of only one casual day per week.
Fashion, casual Friday, happy cat, Hawaiian shirt, earnings impact, Catbert, Boss, Alice, Wally, Dilbert

Wally shows Dilbert the Rolex watch he got from a vendor.
Policy, Rolex watch, vendor, gift limit, wristwatch, Wally, Dilbert

Wally thinks it's a date; the vendor says it's a vendor-client meeting over lunch.
Sales, vendor, date, client, oyster, restaurant, waitress, Wally, sales rep

The Boss puts Dilbert in charge of ISO 14000 certification.
ISO 14000, certification, ISO 9000, joke, stockholder meeting, Boss, Dilbert

Dogbert hatches a get-rich scheme when he hears Dilbert is in charge of ISO 14000 certification.
ISO 14000, certification, inspector, failure, clipboard, Dogbert, Dilbert

Wally complains he hadn't used his brain that week.
Office Politics, brain, carpool, passenger, staff meeting, streak, Wally, Boss, Dilbert

The Boss wants to improve their image on the Internet; Dilbert suggests spamming.
Technology, Internet, e-mail, spam, sarcasm, suggestion, Boss, Dilbert, Dogbert

The Boss gives Alice impossible conditions for her project to guarantee failure.
Leadership, project, phase, approval, vacation, failure, Boss Zone, doughnut, guarantee, Boss, Alice

Asok wonders if anyone would really want to read some documents marked "proprietary."
Management, proprietary, document, logical question, insubordination, lunch, Asok, Boss, Dilbert, Alice

Dogbert announces he will hunt people who have strong opinions about subjects they don't understand.
Dogbert-Schemes, personal crusade, opinion, hunt, cardboard tube, free, Dogbert, Dilbert