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Family Circus takes over the strip as Bil Keane draws Dilbert for April 1.
Note: Scott Adams and Bil Keane, among many others, participate in the April Fools Switch.
Professional, April fool, Family Circus, Bil Keane, security, telephone, Billy from Family Circus, Dilbert, Dogbert

Only essential employees will get business cards, announces the Boss.
Office Politics, business card, expense, essential job, Boss, Wally, Dilbert, Alice, Carol

Alice objects to a loud conversation outside her cubicle.
Office Politics, cubicle, loud, inconsiderate, noise, conversation, Alice, Wally, Dilbert

Alice will be attending a night course, according to the Boss.
Training, course, night class, mutual investment, vending machine, fist of death, Boss, Alice

The instructor wants to know what each student hopes to learn.
Training, hope, toupee, freak, objectives, dead animal, presentation, instructor, Alice, Wally

The life cycle of a business idea, presented by Dogbert.
Business, life cycle, business idea, brainstorm, to do, team, proactive, to do basket, synergy, presentation, daydream, trashcan, Dogbert, Asok, Dilbert, Carol, Wally, Boss, Alice

The Boss tells Alice she must learn to deal with ambiguity.
Leadership, performance, ambiguity, indecision, flexibility, blame, head up ass, Boss, Alice

Carol gives Dilbert a new organisation chart with Dilbert's box lower than Alice and Wally's.
Start of saga: Dilbert is lower on the org chart than Alice and Wally.
Management, organisation chart, lower box, secretaries day, card, layout, Carol, Dilbert

Dilbert explains the org chart to Wally.
Office Politics, organisation chart, graphical layout, fetch mail, Dil-boy, mentor, coffee cup, Dilbert, Alice, Wally

Asok thinks the new org chart makes him a boss.
Office Politics, organisation chart, reporting line, lower box, previous life, new boss, karma, Asok, Dilbert

The Boss congratulates Asok on his promotion.
Office Politics, organisation chart, intern, promotion, luser, strategy, loser, Dilbert, Boss, Asok

Dilbert thinks the department phone list should be sorted by name instead of phone number.
Secretary, telephone list, sort order, call display, ignore, caller ID, Dilbert, Carol

Dilbert reviews his project plan with the Boss, showing the team will end up as a pile of dead chipmunks.
Overwork, project plan, starve, stink, chipmunk, dead chipmunk, clip art, sarcasm, Dilbert, Wally, Boss

The Boss asks for something from Alice, ASAP.
Management, ASAP, deadline, embarrassment, Boss, Alice

The company has taken out a life insurance policy on Wally, says Catbert.
Start of saga: The company takes out life insurance policies on its employees.
Benefits, insurance policy, premium, valuable asset, beneficiary, Catbert, Wally

The Boss holds a catered lunch meeting to discuss the life insurance policies.
Benefits, insurance policy, catered lunch, grumble, mad cow burger, chicken bone surprise, Boss, Carol, Wally, Dilbert, Alice

The Boss finds another dead employee in the conference room.
Benefits, insurance policy, dead employee, boredom, employee of the week, headcount, Boss, Dilbert

Catbert wants the company to collect on its life insurance policies.
Health, insurance policy, blood pressure, salary, stock, hypertension, Catbert, Wally

Your success depends on what you have in your hands when you walk around, Dogbert says.
Office Politics, success, coffee cup, document, cigarette, binder, newspaper, fast track, bathroom, restroom, Dogbert, Dilbert, Wally

The Boss presents some money-saving tips from headquarters, like using short words and using sans serif fonts for faxes.
Management, money-saving tips, long distance, sans serif font, fact-finding trip, Switzerland, clue-finding trip, four star hotel, telephone, Boss, Dilbert, Wally, Alice

A study shows that companies with "Family Friendly" policies have higher profits.
Start of saga: Family Friendly policies.
Benefits, family friendly, profit, slap, presentation, projector, married people, presenter, Dilbert, Wally, Alice

Dilbert complains about the company's family friendly policies.
Benefits, family friendly, tax on childless people, day care, profit-sharing, Dilbert, Alice

Alice goes home early because of her sick kid.
Management, family friendly, sick kid, drug test, trench coat, Alice, Boss

Alice complains to Catbert about discrimination because of her family.
Benefits, family friendly, discrimination, ratted out, love, Alice, Catbert

Wally tells Dilbert their business plan is in complete disarray.
Leadership, business plan, deliverable, fault, joy, perverse, Wally, Dilbert

Wally and Dilbert are off to a three-hour lunch.
Office Politics, business plan, three-hour lunch, lunch, dedication, insanity, Wally, Alice, Dilbert

Wally distributes a list of fake acronyms just before the staff meeting.
Management, staff meeting, acronym, action item, marketing, paper, Wally, Boss, Alice, Dilbert

Wally gives the Wally Report, a weekly status update.
Management, Wally report, status report, industry average, ego, supply cabinet, Wally, Dilbert, Boss, Alice

The Boss has good news about the compensation plan for Dilbert: stock options.
Start of saga: Swapping stock options for signing a new employment agreement.
Benefits, compensation plan, stock options, employment agreement, mugging, good news, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert complains to Dogbert about the new deal: stock options for signing an employment agreement.
Family, employment agreement, stock options, yada, Dilbert, Dogbert