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Wally describes how he "does more with less".
Management, do more with less, plan, intelligence, guilty, budget, career, unnecessary work, Wally, Boss, Dilbert, Alice

Dilbert tells some rumours about the TBA CEO.
Management, CEO, industry experience, Caucasian, necktie, resume, over qualified, necktie, announcement, handshake, microphone, Dilbert, Dogbert, speaker, CEO, Wally, Alice

Dogbert asks Ratbert to be his engagement manager in his new consulting business.
Start of saga: Ratbert the engagement manager
Dogbert-Schemes, engagement manager, consulting, Wal-Mart, smart, ecosystem, Dogbert, Ratbert, Boss, Dilbert

Ratbert makes an irrelevant comparisons to Wal-Mart.
Dogbert-Schemes, Wal-Mart, strategy, compare, pantyhose, Ratbert, Alice, Wally

Ratbert explains strategy options by using different presentation methods.
Dogbert-Schemes, strategy, training, matrix, presentation, spell, concentric circles, consultant, whiteboard, Ratbert, Boss, Dilbert

The Boss falls under Ratbert's consulting spell.
Dogbert-Schemes, consulting, spell, matrix, intellectual, approval, diagram, Boss, Ratbert

The Boss writes large cheques to Ratbert because he is under a consultant's spell.
Dogbert-Schemes, consulting, assumption, moron, spell, inexperience, stranger, Wally, Boss, Dilbert

Ratbert rides the Boss like he was a bulldozer.
Dogbert-Schemes, consulting, bulldozer, ride, engine noise, power, spell, file cabinet, Ratbert, Boss, Alice, Dilbert

Dilbert complains how terrible his day was.
Family, day, slides, opinion, cheetah, trampoline, chart, foil, mock, diagram, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert creatively fills in a timecard.
Management, timesheet, reorganisation, thief, liar, training, school, Dilbert, Carol

Asok asks Alice why she does e-mail so much.
Office Politics, naive question, e-mail, net after-tax earnings, shirt sleeve, Asok

The Boss doesn't want Dilbert to telecommute.
Telecommuting, manage, point, grasp, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert asks for help negotiating with the Boss for more telecommuting days.
Telecommuting, negotiate, logic, irrational, insult, Dilbert, Dogbert, Ratbert

Ratbert and the Boss square off to negotiate for Dilbert's telecommuting.
Telecommuting, negotiate, illogical, unproductive, will to argue, Dilbert, Boss, Ratbert

Dilbert telecommutes at last.
Telecommuting, sick days, time bank, principle, stupid, bathrobe, Dilbert, Dogbert

The Boss assigns the brochure redesign project to Alice.
Management, assignment, brochure, design, graphic artist, electrical engineer, performance review, Boss, Alice, Wally

Tina asks Dilbert to lunch.
Start of saga: Tina is enamoured with Dilbert
Office Politics, sandwich, cafeteria, romance, professional, borrow, untamed beast, Tina, Dilbert

Tina and Dilbert have lunch together.
Office Politics, fall for guys, sandwich, arousal, jerk magnet, lunch, Tina, Dilbert

Tina tells Alice about her crush on Dilbert.
Office Politics, crush, desire, pitchspoon, tech writer, engineer, Tina, Alice, Phil

Phil sentences Tina for her unnatural attraction to an engineer.
Office Politics, attractive, heck, synergy, leverage, proactive, pitchspoon, cave, tech writer, engineer, Phil, Tina

Dilbert shows a smart card to the Boss.
Technology, smart card, payment, reject, Dilbert, Boss, Wally

Dilbert invents something to interact with other universes, possibly influencing their destinies.
Technology, quantum computer, universe, chaos theory, destiny, workbench, tool, gizmo, satellite dish, shit happens, Dilbert, Dogbert

Wally finds a bug and buys stock in the competition.
Office Politics, software bug, overtime, broker, stock, analysis, motivation, competition, Wally, Dilbert, Alice

The Boss declares a technical thing to be impossible even though Dilbert has already done it.
Management, technical recommendation, impossible, spell, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert warns Alice about the Boss after the Boss is proved wrong.
Management, wrong, boss disequilibrium, photocopy, proofread, Dilbert, Alice, Wally, Boss

The Boss complains they plan too much and now wants more action.
Management, action, plan, poster, measurable, Boss, Wally, Asok

Alice reminisces to Asok about promotions and raises.
Office Politics, promotion, raise, get ahead, moron, lunch, Alice, Asok

The Boss wonders why profits are down and morale is low.
Management, profit, morale, anti-management, cartoon, mission statement, root problem, comic strip, Boss, Wally

The Boss bans anti-management cartoons to raise morale.
Management, cartoon, morale, anti-management, humour, newspaper, comic strip, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert's house is protected by a security system, but it doesn't work.
Personal, security system, camera, fort, theft, hideous, fortress, criminal, video camera, security camera, lamp, sofa, couch, park bench, ear, Dilbert, thief, Dogbert

Wally's project requirements were changed on him.
Management, project requirements, work for nothing, cookie, suspenders, manager, Wally, Dilbert