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Catbert moves Wally to a window cubicle.
Management, window cubicle, nap, lying in the sun, benefit, used on anything, sleep, Catbert, Wally

The Boss gets around his signing authority limit.
Management, signing authority, business case, value added, separate, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert presents one hundred business cases to the Boss.
Management, signing authority, business case, spending limit, paper, kill, murder, Boss, Dilbert

The new policy is employees must use the products they sell.
Management, policy, punishment, will to live, Boss, Asok, Wally

The Boss asks Alice why corporate culture is so bad.
Management, corporate culture, self-aware, mail room, problem, intuition, Boss, Alice, mail room man

Wally orders a mail-order bride from Elbonia.
Start of saga: Wally's Elbonian mail order bride.
Personal, loneliness, mail-order bride, photo, pig, wig, telephone, cute, guarantee, Wally, Elbonian

Wally expects his mail-order bride.
Personal, mail-order bride, overnight delivery, garage, lunch, Wally, Dilbert

Alice teases Wally about his mail-order bride.
Personal, mail-order bride, local girls, pathetic, Alice, Wally

Wally's mail-order bride arrives.
Personal, mail-order bride, low expectations, sty, snout, pig, cardboard box, wig, pearl necklace, disappointment, Wally, pig

Wally reveals the fate of his mail-order bride.
Personal, mail-order bride, pig, wig, BLT, rip-off, lunch, sandwich, Wally, Dilbert

Wally naps before his performance review.
Performance Review, performance review, nap, keyboard face, qwertytis, overwork, Wally, Dilbert, Boss

Dilbert negotiates for a new car.
Sales, negotiate, retail price, profit, car, rust inhibitor, airbag, hood ornament, MSRP, large screw, Dilbert, sales rep, Dogbert

Wally reports he did equal amounts of work and anti-work.
Office Politics, work, anti-work, staff meeting, broke even, negative, Wally, Boss

Dilbert didn't read the shrink-wrap license agreement on his new software.
Start of saga: Dilbert becomes Bill Gates's towel boy.
Personal, shrink wrap, software, license agreement, Bill Gates, lawyer, towel boy, laundry boy, Dilbert, Dogbert

Bill Gates's house comes to take Dilbert to be a towel boy.
Personal, software, license agreement, towel boy, Bill Gates, assimilation, Borg, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dilbert is quizzed to see if he's smart enough to be Bill Gates's towel boy.
Personal, license agreement, Bill Gates, towel boy, quiz, primate, monkey, mansion, Dilbert, Dogbert

The Boss presents a performance review to Tina, who's been on vacation for two weeks.
Performance Review, performance review, vacation, motivation, forget, remember, Boss, Tina

Dogbert compares business, past and present to Christianity and reincarnation.
Management, Christianity, retire, reincarnation, analogy, WD-40, biodegrade, faithful, obedient, Dogbert, Bob

Dilbert tries to avoid his co-workers on his way to his office.
Office Politics, avoid co-workers, crafty, obstacle, productivity, briefcase, elevator, coach, Dilbert, Boss, Alice, co-worker

The Boss downgrades Wally's performance review.
Performance Review, performance review, bell curve, flaw, wash hands, restroom, bathroom, washroom, hygiene, Boss, Wally

Wally complains about the alleged misdeeds used to lower his rating on his performance review.
Performance Review, performance review, alleged misdeeds, crack, bell curve, drug dealer, Wally, Boss

Catbert cancels bereavement leave and life insurance.
Management, bereavement leave, family friendly, relative, life insurance, snuff, kill, murder, Catbert

The Boss asks Alice to not mention any problems during her presentation to senior management.
Management, senior management, problem, disaster, purpose, Boss, Alice, Dilbert

The Boss applies to the review committee to compliment Alice.
Management, compliment, executive review, application, entitlement, Boss, executive review committee, Alice

The Boss reports on the results of the employee survey. Employees are underpaid and management is incompetent.
Management, employee survey, underpaid, travel alarm clock, incompetent, company logo, Boss, Alice, Wally, Dilbert

Dilbert asks his mother what she wants for her birthday.
Family, birthday, home entertainment theatre, THX, satellite link, toaster oven, information age, birth, surround sound, porn, dark side, information age, Dilbert, Dilbert's Mom

Catbert lowers Wally's base salary.
Management, salary, necktie, because I can, shred, Catbert, Dilbert, Wally

The Boss wants advance notices of unplanned network outages.
Management, network, server, unplanned outage, figure of speech, yesterday, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert presents a schedule of unplanned network outages to the Boss.
Management, unplanned outage, network, schedule, sick days, earthquake, CNN, volcanic eruption, hurricane, Dilbert, Boss

Is Dilbert a pessimist or an optimist? No, he's an engineer.
Family, pessimism, optimist, half empty, half full, redundant, engineer, Ratbert, Dilbert

Asok installs some calendar network software so everyone can schedule meetings.
Technology, calendar software, network, schedule, meeting, cubicle justice, Asok, Dilbert, Alice