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Catbert issues a policy all employees must wear one size smaller shoes than their feet.
Management, policy, shoe size, carpet, competitive, footsizing, complain, success story, Catbert, reporter, Dilbert, Alice

Wally compares the number of days in their time zone.
Management, day, project, time zone, paradigm, chart, Wally, Dilbert

Ratbert considers becoming a corporate trainer in a company that's downsizing.
Start of saga: Ratbert becomes corporate trainer in a company that's downsizing.
Training, self-esteem, corporate trainer, downsize, Ratbert, Dilbert

Ratbert is interviewed for corporate trainer.
Training, corporate trainer, stress, conflict resolution, subject matter expert, teamwork, trainer, Ratbert, Dilbert

The Grim Downsizer comes to see Ratbert.
Training, corporate trainer, budget, stress, class evaluation, scythe, Grim Downsizer, Ratbert

Ratbert finds out what the students hope to get out of the class.
Training, corporate trainer, decruit, class, scythe, Ratbert, Grim Downsizer, Wally, co-worker

The Boss downsizes Ratbert, the corporate trainer.
Downsizing, corporate trainer, retirement plan, calendar, Boss, Ratbert

Asok learns to make witty and sarcastic remarks when the mute button is pressed on a conference call.
Office Politics, speakerphone, training, sarcasm, compensation, engineer, conference call, Dilbert, Boss, Asok, Alice, Wally

Alice complains about the mandatory unpaid overtime.
Management, overtime, stockholder value, cat toy, quality of life, human resources, Alice, Catbert

Dogbert represents the Boss to the Boss's boss.
Management, consultant, crud, idea, good looks, swami hat, Dogbert, manager, Boss

The Boss livens up a first draft by Tina.
Management, first draft, exclamation point, sarcasm, genius, technical document, Boss, Tina

A woman turns Dilbert down for a date because of differing religions.
Personal, date, religion, Sunday, woman, Dilbert, Dogbert

The Boss assigns Dilbert and Wally to the Happiness Committee.
Office Politics, happiness, morale, raise, slap-the-boss day, nude Fridays, cynicism, negativism, Boss, Dilbert, Wally

The Boss announces he's going to Quality School.
Management, quality school, black belt, breakout session, course, Boss, Wally

The Boss makes an "upgrade" to Dilbert's product design.
Management, product design, upgrade, big picture, fire, civilisation, overheat, Boss, Dilbert, Dogbert

An Elbonian peddles his database system with mixed success.
Sales, database, accounts receivable, inventory, sales, golf balls, Elbonian, Dilbert, Alice, Boss

The Boss announces the computer support systems will be replaced by the Elbonian database product.
Technology, database, consultant, computer support systems, risk, Boss, Ratbert, Wally, Alice, Dilbert

Ratbert compensates for lack of computer knowledge by being highly exuberant.
Consultant, exuberant, general protection fault, flying lessons, Ratbert, Alice

Ratbert rejoices he earns big bucks even when being unproductive.
Consultant, unproductive, furry little behind, career, ideal, Ratbert, Wally

Ratbert describes his plan to replace the old computer system with the new one.
Consultant, replace computer system, economic impact, contract, pay, Ratbert, Dilbert

Asok rewrites the Elbonian database system in six keystrokes.
Technology, database, rewrite, bad movies, NATO, password, hack, Asok, Ratbert

Wally attends the ceremony for his ten-year service anniversary and picks a gift.
Management, ten-year service, anniversary, catalogue, ceremony, t-shirt, golf ball, Carol, Wally, Dilbert

Dilbert reserves a seat on an airline.
Start of saga: Dilbert takes a business trip.
Travel, direct flight, aisle seat, first class, North Korea, non-smoking, reservation, telephone headset, Dilbert, clerk

The smartest human alive tries to understand the airline "often flier" program.
Travel, smart, often flier program, telephone company, brain, frequent flier, Dogbert, Marylin vos Savant, Dilbert

Dilbert has a decoy suitcase and an emergency carry-on bag.
Travel, suitcase, carry-on bag, airline food, decoy, vomit, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert upgrades his seat from the overhead bin.
Travel, often flier program, seat upgrade, overhead bin, colicky baby, frequent flier, convention, Dilbert, clerk, father

Dilbert arrives at his hotel.
Travel, hotel, tip, gauntlet, reservation, zombie, taxi, Dilbert, porter, clerk

Dilbert takes a taxi ride.
Travel, taxi, cheat, metre, language skills, efficiency, bicycle, Dilbert, concierge, taxi driver

The Boss calls tech support because his mouse is at the edge of the mousepad.
Tech Support, cursor, mouse, reboot, desk, idiot expense, mousepad, Dogbert, Boss, Carol

Dilbert tries to convince the hotel clerk to give him a room.
Travel, hotel, Pope, logic, room, Dilbert, clerk

Dilbert's suit is dishevelled on his business trip.
Travel, suit, wrinkle-free, wrapper, Dilbert, man