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Alice is disturbed by the sound of Wally clipping his nails.
Office Politics, clip nails, complain, screen saver, Wally's 101 annoying cubicle sounds, crazy, Alice, Dilbert, Wally

Dilbert moves the cubicle wall of a guy in Marketing a quarter-inch per week.
Marketing, experiment, cubicle, wall, small cubicle, Alice, Dilbert, marketeer

Dilbert is behind a slow woman in a cashier's line.
Personal, chocolate bar, exact change, roll of pennies, chequebook, wallet, purse, cash register, Dilbert, woman

The Dogbert Consulting Company adds credibility to the Boss's opinions.
Management, credibility, opinion, budget, swami hat, Dogbert, Boss

Dogbert's analysis shows money is better spent on him.
Management, credibility, decision, downsize, deluxe service, swami hat, Boss, Dogbert, Wally

Liz decides to date other men.
Start of saga: Liz and Dilbert decide to date other people.
Dating, break up, spare, Liz, Dilbert, man

Dilbert decides he should date other women.
Dating, date, Internet, credit card, inquisition, hot babe, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dogbert advises Dilbert on what to include in his online personals ad.
Dating, technology, sex symbol, moonlit walks, applicant, dance, prowess, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dilbert chats online with Madame Cruella.
Dating, online relationships, Madame Cruella, ear, Dilbert

Fantasy and reality differ when Dilbert tells the Boss about his new job offer.
Management, promotion, assignment, raise, morale, breath, halitosis, Dilbert, Boss, Wally

Catbert advises Dilbert how to get an extra engineer for his project.
Start of saga: Dilbert hires an extra engineer for his project.
Management, engineer, unqualified, transfer, optimism, savour, crush, Catbert, Dilbert

Catbert presents resumes for Dilbert's job opening.
Management, resume, applicant, pay, crayon, eyeliner, dot matrix, pencil, Catbert, Alice, Dilbert

Dilbert interviews a dim-witted engineer.
Management, applicant, interview, bucket, see how you think, Dilbert, engineer

Dilbert interviews a brilliant engineer, but can only offer half pay.
Management, applicant, interview, resume, pay, intangible benefits, savings account, Dilbert, engineer

Dilbert interviews an aggressive engineer.
Management, applicant, interview, long-range career goals, all women's college, confident, assertive, arm wrestle, Dilbert, engineer

Dilbert interviews an engineer who doesn't want the job.
Management, applicant, practise interview, sandwich, lunch, Dilbert, Brian

The Boss visits Cubeville to hand out morale boosts.
Management, cubeville, morale, underling, randomly pressing keys, inspire, Boss, Dilbert

Catbert invites Wally to start smoking.
Start of saga: Wally starts smoking.
Health, stress, smoking, company-sanctioned breaks, downsize, pack of cigarettes, Catbert, Wally

Wally tells Alice smoking will add an interesting edge to his personality.
Health, smoking, break, personality, personal magnetism, circuit board, Wally, Alice

Wally meets the people he'll be smoking with.
Health, smoking, break, chat, cigarette, lighter, colour coded, Wally, co-worker

Wally reads the cigarette ads and finds them overrated.
Health, smoking, mountain biking, waterfall, smokers' cognitive dissonance, cigarette, lighter, Wally, Dilbert

Wally describes the effects of smoking.
Health, smoking, yellow teeth, house, breath, outcast, Alice, Wally

Wally reads the warning label on his cigarettes.
Health, smoking, warning label, colour printer, air, Wally, Boss, Dilbert

The Boss says the competition will "eat our lunch".
Management, consultant, eat our lunch, executive committee, cafeteria, presentation, projector, Boss, executive, Dilbert, security guard

Wally wants to know when his raise will be effective.
Management, raise, effective, in the zone, slow motion, Wally, Catbert

The Boss sends Dilbert to a class to improve his interpersonal skills.
Start of saga: Interpersonal skills training.
Management, disagree, yell, interpersonal skills, class, jog, Boss, Dilbert

The three fundamentals to good relationships are loud, simple and smiley.
Office Politics, interpersonal skills, phony, loud, simple, smiley, training, presentation, remote control, Dogbert, Wally, Dilbert

Today's lesson in interpersonal skills is to listen to a stupid person.
Office Politics, interpersonal skills, stupid, rolling eyes, any key, Yugo, Dogbert, stupid person, Dilbert

Alice gives her presentation package to the Boss.
Creativity, presentation, dementia, comments, Alice, Boss

Asok criticises Alice's presentation package.
Office Politics, areas for improvement, ambulance, warning, Asok, Alice