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Dilbert asks Ratbert to apply for a position in the quality assurance group.
Start of saga: Ratbert joins the quality assurance group.
Engineer, quality assurance, flaw, friend, hatred, ridicule, respect, ship, Dilbert, Ratbert

Ratbert is interviewed for the job in the quality assurance group.
Engineer, quality assurance, resume, anal-retentive behaviour, bonus, salary, Ratbert, Boss

Ratbert discovers a few bugs in Wally's beta product.
Engineer, quality assurance, beta, bug, severity, bonehead, stadium, long list, Ratbert, Wally

The Boss complains about the number of flaws Ratbert found in the prototype.
Engineer, quality assurance, beta, schedule, prototype, angels dance, Boss, Ratbert

The Boss wants to hold a pre-meeting.
Meeting, pre-meeting, plan, preliminary, funny, Boss, Dilbert, Wally

The Garbageman fixed bugs in the program Dilbert threw away.
Technology, diskette, program, bug, resume, Garbageman, Dilbert

The Boss prepares for performance review by selling cookies.
Management, cub girl cookies, performance review, United Way, chair, downsize, fast-track, Boss, Dilbert, Wally

Dogbert will order people to run outside when he becomes supreme ruler.
Dogbert-Schemes, supreme ruler, run, exercise, flies, park bench, Dogbert, Dilbert

A salesman asks Dilbert to make more product.
Sales, product, mock up, competitor, duct tape, logo, suspenders, sales rep, Dilbert

Dilbert asks for the Boss's support at a sales meeting.
Sales, management support, sales meeting, product, suspenders, Dilbert, Boss, sales rep

The Boss assigns the group to quality initiatives.
Management, quality, productivity, profit, qualicide, morale, contest, Boss, Wally

The Boss attends a ranking and rating session with the other managers.
Management, rank, rate, salary, raise, Carol, Dilbert, Boss, manager

Catbert asks Wally to take a blood test.
Health, blood test, drug, steal, thief, hypodermic needle, syringe, Catbert, Wally

The Boss asks Alice not to make personal phone calls.
Management, telephone, personal, steal, competitive, daydream, rope, dynamite, office supplies, Boss, Alice

Catbert demands Wally stop enjoying his job.
Office Politics, enjoying the job, employee manual, job satisfaction, shriek, pain, Catbert, Wally

Dilbert tries to solve the problems in Liz's life.
Dating, problem, solution, broken, bug, requirement, Dilbert, Liz

Liz rejects Dilbert's plan to solve her life's problems.
Dating, problem, action plan, demented plot, veil of ignorance, park bench, Liz, Dilbert, Dogbert

The Boss hands out rings for levels of performance.
Management, recognition program, precious gem, ring, diamond, talc, Boss, Wally, Dilbert, Alice

Dilbert shows his talc ring to Dogbert.
Family, talc, shale, recognition program, respect, aluminum, club, Dilbert, Dogbert

The Boss asks Alice to update her objectives.
Management, objectives, target, management support, Boss, Alice

Dogbert rates the strongest forces in the universe, starting with stupidity and ignorance.
Family, force, love, stupid, ignorance, lust, fear, back scratch, morning breath, bad breath, halitosis, selfish, money, luck, foolish optimism, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert compares job security and company loyalty.
Office Politics, job security, loyalty, bonus, motivation, Dilbert, Boss

Ratbert says he's an ignorant rat but that's OK.
Family, ignorance, memory, bliss, Ratbert, Dilbert

Alice praises the Boss for letting her work independently for three months.
Management, empower, decision, project, cancel, Alice, Boss

Dilbert announces the new product will be released on time, despite its defects.
Engineer, product, defect, hope nobody notices, income, mental, assumption, Dilbert, Wally, Alice

Dogbert devises a plan for ending poverty.
Dogbert-Schemes, poverty, talk-show, cops, Dogbert Institute for Advanced Thinking, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dogbert decides not to reason with idiots.
Family, idiot, bah, conversation, think, Dogbert, Dilbert

The Boss asks Wally to provide planning estimates for his next project.
Budget, estimate, budget, project, plan, mirror, trap, Boss, Wally

Dogbert announces his candidacy for supreme ruler of the universe on a talk show.
Start of saga: Dogbert runs for supreme ruler of the universe.
Dogbert-Schemes, supreme ruler of Earth, Sharon Stone, mouth, interview, microphone, talk show, suspender, Dogbert, Larry King

Dogbert outlines his election tax plan.
Dogbert-Schemes, supreme ruler of Earth, election, tax, idiot, Dogbert, Dilbert

A lobbyist gives money to Dogbert's campaign.
Dogbert-Schemes, supreme ruler of Earth, election, contribution, bribe, prison, lobbyist, Dogbert