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Dogbert, facilitating a meeting, allows no one to speak.
Meeting, facilitate, chair, power, exercise, insult, Dogbert, Alice, Wally, Dilbert

Dogbert thinks the meeting went smooth because he ran it.
Meeting, facilitate, smooth, breakthrough, silence, dolt, brilliant, Dogbert

Dilbert interviews a new candidate while trying not to reveal what really goes on.
Management, interview, candidate, empowerment, phrase, quality team, dignity, truth, dignity, decision, shield, hull breach, jettison, escape pod, Star Trek, Boss, Dilbert, Jennifer, Wally

The Boss asks for an executive summary to the report and to keep it simple.
Management, report, executive summary, technology, car, AAA, road service, uphill, Boss, Dilbert

Dogbert shows how to summarise a fifty page proposal into one paragraph.
Management, report, executive summary, CEO, proposal, technology, resume, customer, Dilbert, Dogbert

The VP wants a demo of the new product.
Start of saga: Premature product demo.
Project, demo, VP, product, ship date, morale, quality, objective, banner, Boss, Dilbert

For the product demo, Wally pretends to be the computer.
Project, demo, cut corners, 3-D, fuzzy, shaver, table, computer monitor, mock up, razor, Dilbert, Boss, Wally

The VP arrives for the product demo.
Project, demo, interface, demon, product, peon, dark angel, table, computer monitor, mock up, Boss, Dilbert, Phil, VP

The product demo to the VP goes horribly wrong.
Project, demo, demon, sham, doom, fund, file server, dark angel, computer monitor, table, mock up, porn, Dilbert, Phil, Boss, VP

A technical decision is summarised many times as it goes up the ladder.
Management, Mysteries Revealed, ceiling tile, technology, decision, recommend, summary, bullet point, stock options, CNN, presentation, projector, television, Dilbert, Boss, executive director

An automatic defence system activates when Dilbert and Wally have an idea.
Start of saga: Dilbert and Wally run a side business.
Creativity, idea, product, hammer, helmet, Crush-o-Matic, side business, loudspeaker, robot arm, hammer, mallet, Dilbert, Boss, Wally

Dilbert and Wally want to start their own business since the company won't use their idea.
Office Politics, product, idea, side business, quit, cubicle, immoral, hell, Dilbert, Wally

The Boss asks employees not run side businesses from their cubicles.
Management, side business, cubicle, sign, advertisement, Yellow Pages, billboard, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert and Wally hire Ratbert as director of marketing.
Marketing, side business, director, annoy, illogical, salary, Dilbert, Ratbert, Wally

Dogbert will finance Dilbert and Wally's side business.
Dogbert-Schemes, business plan, venture capital, side business, media hype, investor, prospectus, Latin, Dogbert, Wally

Dilbert and Wally tell the Boss about their side business.
Management, side business, rich, victory jig, employee agreement, patent, moon, Dilbert, Wally, Boss, Alice

Dogbert offers ethics advice on customer relations and shipping defective products.
Family, ethics, customer, product, bug, kick, quality, sofa, couch, Dilbert, Dogbert, Ratbert

The new intern, Asok, is introduced.
Note: Asok's first appearance.
Start of saga: Asok the intern.
Office Politics, intern, toss, staple remover, sturdy, Boss, Asok, Alice, Wally, Dilbert

Asok's assignments won't be glamorous, Dilbert says.
Office Politics, intern, assignment, experience, status report, mouse pad, inventory, danger, Dilbert, Boss, Asok

Alice asks Asok to crawl through the Jeffries Tube to shut down the furnace.
Office Politics, intern, emergency, jeffries tube, furnace, stuck, Star Trek, spank, ventilation, shaft, duct, Alice, Asok

The engineers are given an assignment and the men smell unnecessary work.
Office Politics, presentation, executive review board, scent of unnecessary work, meeting, popcorn for the soul, work avoidance, Boss, Dilbert, Wally, Alice

Alice wonders why Dilbert isn't busy preparing his presentation for the executive review board.
Office Politics, presentation, work avoidance, chromosome, sleep, executive review board, Alice, Dilbert, Wally

Alice tests the theory men can sense unnecessary work.
Office Politics, chromosome, theory, intern, perceptive, arousal, work avoidance, smell, unnecessary work, Alice, Dilbert, Asok

Alice worked all night for an analysis for the Boss and he only wants it for backup material for a meeting.
Management, analysis, meeting, compliment, backup, pointy hair, fling, naked, performance review, Alice, Boss, Dilbert, Wally

The new product is ready to ship but Marketing wants to add more features.
Marketing, product, ship, feature, hardware, software, psychopath, Dilbert, marketing guy, Boss, Wally

The Boss assigns Tina, Asok and Ratbert to work on the department newsletter.
Start of saga: Department newsletter.
Project, newsletter, high profile, intern, raise, sports, topless model, performance, Boss, Tina, Asok, Ratbert

Tina tells Asok and Ratbert she will be the editor of the newsletter since she is an experienced writer.
Project, newsletter, intern, editor, executive editor, publisher, Tina, Asok, Ratbert

Tina interviews Dilbert for the company newsletter.
Project, newsletter, quip, fallopian tube, background, interview, boredom, Tina, Dilbert

Tina asks Wally to write about his project for the newsletter.
Project, newsletter, tradition, engineer, priority, despise, moment, dating, Tina, Wally

Tina's performance review goes badly because of the unimportant department newsletter.
Performance Review, accomplishment, newsletter, raise, boredom, teamwork, Boss, Tina

The Boss gives a bonus to Barry, an idiot, for working overtime.
Management, presentation, bonus, overtime, recognition, effort, budget, screen saver, epic, miniseries, Boss, Barry, Alice, Wally, Dilbert