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Complaints about Tina bring the introduction of Antina the non-stereotypical woman.
Feminism, stereotype, opinion, character, tech writer, female, balance, math, Dogbert, Antina, Tina

Antina demonstrates her non-stereotypical nature: pickiness about specs, coffee machine tinkering.
Note: Dilbert's tie lays flat.
Feminism, stereotype, tie lays flat, monitor, coffee machine, Antina, Dilbert

Ted really isn't smart enough to grow a beard: it comes out pointy on his forehead -- he's a manager.
Leadership, manager, intelligence, beard, forehead, Dilbert, Wally, Ted, Boss

Ted is promoted to manager for growing a pointy beard from his forehead.
Leadership, manager, beard, opinion, forehead, punish, Boss, Ted, Alice, Dilbert

Ted wants to pick a "pet" employee -- Alice pushes him down the stairs.
Leadership, manager, beard, pet, murder, forehead, spin, stairs, Ted, Alice, Dilbert

Ted is now a "lifeless evil entity" just in time for performance reviews.
Leadership, manager, performance review, evil entity, injury, stairs, soul, Boss, Ted

Despite plenty of space, Dilbert must share his cubicle because the Boss is charged for space used.
Corporate Services, cubicle, roommate, baked beans, doom, good news, office, finance department, false savings, square dance, stereo, cowboy hat, Boss, Dilbert, cowboy

It hurts Alice at the performance review she killed Ted and he became an evil entity.
Leadership, performance review, evil entity, stairs, tail, forked tongue, fang, cross, crucifix, politics, Ted, Alice, Dilbert

Dogbert advises a stake through Ted's heart; Alice has enthusiasm for the plan.
Leadership, evil entity, stake, possessed, advice, heart, Dilbert, Alice, Dogbert

Alice can't hit Ted's "raisin size" heart with several pens; asks Wally for more.
Leadership, evil entity, stake, heart, possessed, demon, pen, Dilbert, Wally, Alice, Ted

Dilbert doesn't want to give out his credit card number over the Internet, but is perfectly happy giving it to the waitress.
Technology, society, Internet, credit card, unscrupulous, fur coat, restaurant, dating, common sense, wine, Dilbert, Liz, waitress

Camping Carl comes to visit Dilbert.
Office Politics, visit, monologue, laugh, escape tunnel, woe, trapdoor, cubicle, Camping Carl, Dilbert

Wally races to the shared laser printer to get his printout before anyone sees it.
Office Politics, laser printer, Apollo 13, invention, cursor, resume, Wally, Alice, Dilbert

Wally complains about the Boss's bad estimating.
Project, management, estimate, resource, leadership, budget, incompetence, status report, performance, defence, offence, schedule, productivity, expectation, Wally, Boss, Dilbert

Dogbert creates "Dogbert 2000," an operating system remarkably similar to Windows 95.
Start of saga: Dogbert 2000, an operating system.
Dogbert-Schemes, computer, software company, Dogbert 2000, Windows 95, operating system, Microsoft, logo, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dogbert plans to dance and gloat after he makes his billions from his software company.
Dogbert-Schemes, computer, software company, dance, rich, obnoxious, charity, fine arts, song, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dogbert wants a computer vendor to bundle his operating system... or else.
Dogbert-Schemes, computer, Dogbert 2000, bundle, unit, market, product, Bill Gates, glasses, Dogbert, computer vendor

Dogbert meets with software developers to tell them about his operating system, Dogbert 2000. The developers are more interested in his toys.
Dogbert-Schemes, Dogbert 2000, developer, market, toy, industry, computer, silicon, foam, plastic, presentation, projector, laptop computer, gizmo, Dogbert

Dogbert says he's happy about his empire getting him twenty billion dollars.
Dogbert-Schemes, computer, software empire, Dogbert 2000, wealth, happy, sunset, license, digital rights, Dogbert, Dilbert

Bob babysat the Morton triplets, even though it wasn't easy to juggle them.
Family, babysit, triplet, juggle, scream, toddler, ceiling fan, telephone, Dogbert, Bob, Dilbert

Catbert requires everyone to strap a broom to their buttocks.
Personnel, human resources, director, e-mail, janitor, broom, buttock, marketing, cookie, diabolical, Catbert, Dilbert, Alice, Wally, Boss, marketeer

The Boss announces the top ten percent of employees will get bonuses.
Management, compensation plan, bonus, resignation, impact, Boss, Wally, Dilbert, Alice

Dilbert creates technology to prevent kids from seeing porn on the Internet.
Technology, smut, porn, Internet, intelligence, sex drive, snowball, hell, hat, teenager, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert gets Matt to test his pornography blocker.
Technology, test, porn, dirty picture, Internet, curious, brilliant, eyeball, pop, Dilbert, Alice, Matt

The Boss asks Dogbert to get rid of their most troublesome customers.
Tech Support, trouble, customer, cost, service, injury, unpack, Boss, Dogbert, Alice, Wally

Dogbert gives the technical support group an unlisted phone number.
Tech Support, service, cost, unlisted telephone number, e-mail, friend, presentation, projector, laptop computer, Dogbert, Boss, Wally

Dilbert complains to the Boss they either dace a lawsuit or a useless product.
Management, vendor, television, lawsuit, choice, request, impractical, solution, Dilbert, Boss

Dogbert helps write job requirements for Dilbert's job.
Downsizing, job requirement, apply, loyalty, micro manage, cynicism, abnormal, cubicle, physical, Dilbert, Dogbert

The Boss announces they won the bid for the air traffic control systems.
Start of saga: Air traffic control system project.
Project, bid, air traffic control, celebration, stock, bus, telephone, Boss, Wally, Alice, Dilbert

Dogbert leads the air traffic control project.
Project, Dogbert Consulting Company, leadership, attitude, chum, intelligence, leadership, Boss, Wally, Dogbert

Wally writes program code for the new air traffic control system.
Project, software, program, code, reuse, payroll, air traffic control, lunch, pay day, Wally, Dilbert, Alice