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Dilbert discusses his salary expectations at an interview.
Management, luck, salary, expectations, fantasy, shoulder massage, reproduce, honest, Dilbert, Dogbert, interviewer

The Boss says huge earnings, increased market share and no raises are on the way.
Management, success, earnings, market share, raise, United Way, agenda, Boss, Carol, Dilbert, Wally

Dogbert applies to be the pilot of the corporate jet.
Start of saga: Dogbert, company pilot
Corporate Services, resume, jet pilot, corporate jet, ejection seat, interviewer, Dogbert

Captain Dogbert, pilot of the corporate jet, talks to the passenger about the training budget.
Corporate Services, jet pilot, corporate jet, training budget, hit the ground, airplane, loudspeaker, Dogbert

Captain Dogbert, corporate jet pilot, threatens the CEO passenger with a crash landing.
Corporate Services, jet pilot, corporate jet, CEO, airplane, loudspeaker, microphone, window, tongue, Dogbert, CEO

Captain Dogbert, corporate jet pilot, has good news and bad news.
Corporate Services, jet pilot, corporate jet, good news, bad news, hitting town, airplane, loudspeaker, crash, Dogbert, CEO

Captain Dogbert, pilot of the corporate jet, and the CEO argue over the only parachute.
Corporate Services, jet pilot, corporate jet, crash, parachute, Harvard, MBA, knapsack, old joke, Dogbert, CEO

Dilbert discovers a primitive doughnut-scavenging man in a meeting room.
Management, meeting, doughnut, yellow sticky note, gods, meeting notice, RIF, ancestor, headband, Wally, Dilbert, primitive man

The Boss says they'll succeed if they know who their competitors are.
Leadership, success, competitor, salary, promote, competition, Boss, Wally, Dilbert, Alice

The Boss wants to pitch in with Dilbert's project, but doesn't know how.
Leadership, project, involved, Boss, Dilbert, Wally

The Boss wants to know how to program, to help out on the project.
Leadership, project, GUI, gooey, object-oriented, gun, blast, Boss, Dilbert, Wally

Dilbert revises the project end date since the Boss decided to pitch in.
Management, project, timeline, flashlight, cold sun, sweater, schedule, Dilbert, Boss

Catbert explains his new policy for getting rid of complaining employees.
Management, human resources, policy, complain, hole, sand, explanation, Catbert, Boss

An employee wants to see a company counsellor but Catbert has other plans.
Management, human resources, counsellor, stress, ball of yarn, reengineer, Catbert, employee

Dogbert describes why he wants to be the new long range planner.
Management, long range, planner, flex-time, Internet, telecommute, relocate, performance, budget, Boss, Dogbert, Dilbert

A lady wonders if she's wearing enough fragrance.
Fashion, fragrance, perfume, compliment, cloud, dosage, woman, Wally, co-worker

Dogbert subtly asks a lady to cut down on the perfume.
Fashion, perfume, fragrance, gas mask, hog rendering, cloud, humour, Dilbert, Dogbert, woman

Dogbert strongly asks a lady to cut down on the perfume.
Start of saga: Dogbert goes to heaven and back
Fashion, perfume, fragrance, CPR, gas mask, cloud, ear, Dogbert, woman

Dogbert wonders why he is admitted to Heaven.
Personal, Heaven, standards, halo, Frisbee, Angel, Dogbert

The Angels send Dogbert to Earth on a mission to help people in need.
Personal, Heaven, angel, mission, power, hair, buns of steel, halo, price sheet, Angel, Wally, Dogbert

Dogbert tells Dilbert about his Heavenly mission.
Personal, angel, mission, power, aim, halo, restaurant, breasts, boobs, Dilbert, Dogbert

The Boss describes their biggest obstacle to success.
Leadership, graphic, obstacle, communication, participate, success, presentation, projector, Boss, Wally, Alice, Dilbert

The Angels revoke Dogbert's Angel status.
Personal, angel, mission, healing, ugly, halo, beautiful, Angel, Dogbert, Wally

The Boss wonders why he is flying through third-world countries on his way to New York.
Management, fly, book, third-world country, rebel, Red Cross, insurrection, rebellion, target, bullseye, symbol, Boss, Carol

Dilbert worries because he's assigned to a fun and valuable project.
Management, fun, valuable, project, moron, Dilbert, Dogbert, Carl

Dilbert asks the Boss why he's assigned to the same task as three other people.
Management, internal competition, cauliflower, project, brain, bet, Dilbert, Boss, Wally

Dilbert retrieves information for his redundant project.
Management, redundant, project, binder, cubicle, information, Dilbert, man

Wally puts down Dilbert for using binders to increase the size of his cubicle.
Office Politics, binder, cubicle, raise, status, illegal, Wally, Boss, woman, Dilbert

Dilbert quests for staples.
Office Politics, stapler, office supplies, teamwork, secretary, green ink, blue, catalogue, Dilbert, Helen, Wally, Alice, Dogbert

The real reason for reorganisations.
Leadership, reorganisation, unhappiness, focus, core business, boots, bad decision, Chuck, Boss, Wally, Dilbert

Wally asks the Boss why the company is reorganising.
Leadership, reorganisation, focus, core business, failure, flat tire, Wally, Boss