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Dilbert tells Dogbert how technology allows him to work any time and anyplace.
Technology, cell phone, laptop computer, driving, restaurant, steal, broken, Dilbert, Dogbert

Wally tells Dilbert about Human Resources new rule for short employees.
Administration, hat, safety, password, human resources, visibility, aluminum foil, Dilbert, Wally, Alice

A finance representative tells of 20% budget cuts.
Finance, budget, messenger, success vector, audience, presentation, projector, electrical cord, window, finance guy

Wally and Dilbert talk to a vendor whose product doesn't work.
Sales, decision, contract, career, raise, gizmo, vendor, Dilbert, Wally

Wally says why he wants to transfer to another department.
Leadership, transfer, dysfunctional, support, long distance, resume, manager, Wally

The Boss hires a psychologist to help achieve peak performance in teamwork.
Start of saga: Dogbert the psychologist helps the dysfunctional team.
Teamwork, psychologist, performance, dysfunctional, goal, cannibal, workshop, realistic, meeting, meetin, insult, Boss, Dogbert, Alice, Wally, Dilbert

Dogbert asks the team to say what they admire about another person.
Teamwork, dysfunctional, admire, leathery skin, workshop, Dogbert, Boss, Alice, Dilbert, Wally

Dogbert asks the team to make paper dolls while blindfolded.
Teamwork, dysfunctional, paper dolls, blindfold, cognitive dissonance, cry, hug, workshop, scissors, Dogbert, Dilbert, Alice, Boss, Wally

Alice tells what she's learned at Dogbert's workshop.
Teamwork, dysfunctional, workshop, Sanskrit, ham radio, divide by zero, respect, going first, Dogbert, Alice, Dilbert, Boss

Wally wants the training budget increased.
Training, budget, competitor, jump ship, downside, Wally, Boss

The engineers say what they've learned at a three day workshop.
Training, workshop, budget, paper airplane, blindfold, team, hug, love, presentation, Wally, Dilbert, workshop facilitator

The Boss says he's off to a management retreat in the mountains.
Leadership, management retreat, mountain, four-star hotel, binder, Boss, Alice, Dilbert, Wally

Wally phones the mountain resort where the executives are having a retreat.
Leadership, management retreat, mountain, avalanche, telephone, yell, shout, Wally

The Boss tells Dilbert he fired the secretaries.
Leadership, re-engineer, production, secretary, credenza, fired, feather duster, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert and Wally use the photocopier.
Technology, clerical, secretary, photocopy, skill, toner, Dilbert, Wally

Ratbert tells Bob he wants to be the next heavyweight boxing champion of the world.
Personal, goal, boxing, small, uncoordinated, clueless, slow, Ratbert, Bob

Dilbert is too productive so he is being moved to another cubicle.
Leadership, productivity, cubicle, telephone, computer, loser, Boss, Dilbert

Ratbert has been invited to be a guest on CNN's Crossfire. Dogbert helps him prepare.
Society, Crossfire, CNN, television, opinion, simplify, stupid, debate, Ratbert, Dogbert, Dilbert

Ratbert monitors Dilbert to look for waste and inefficiency.
Finance, cut spending, waste, inefficiency, boldface, electricity, Ratbert, Dilbert

Ratbert explains to Wally how he saves money for the Finance Department.
Finance, reduce costs, both sides, hard work, Ratbert, Wally

Ratbert tells Dilbert a 286 PC is sufficient for his 3-D rendering needs.
Finance, 286, PC, 3-D, rendering, career, Ratbert, Dilbert

Ratbert recommends standardising on one type of computer.
Start of saga: Computer Holy Wars.
Technology, standardise, Macintosh, Unix, OS/2 warp, holy wars, goatee, beret, gestapo, crusade, Ratbert

Wally asks Catbert if he will stop the computer holy wars.
Technology, standardise, human resources, director, holy wars, diversity, gestapo, crusade, Wally, Catbert

Wally encounters a condescending Unix computer user.
Technology, standardise, holy wars, beard, suspenders, Unix, nickel, crusade, Wally, Unix guy

The Boss overloads Alice with work, so she can't complete any of her projects.
Management, project, success, inventory, equipment, workload, Boss, Alice, Dilbert

Saint Dogbert tries to settle which computer should be standardised upon.
Technology, standardise, holy wars, desert, enlightenment, Palm Springs, endorsement, bribe, bishop hat, sceptre, paper umbrella, mediate, dispute, crusade, Boss, Saint Dogbert

The Boss asks Alice to compare themselves against world-class companies.
Management, benchmark, world-class, verbs out of nouns, engineer, field research, telephone, Boss, Alice

Alice presents her comparison of world-class companies.
Management, benchmark, world-class, compare, potato chip, software, oil, presentation, projector, industry, Alice, Boss

Dogbert recommends forming internal business units to fix the company's problem.
Start of saga: Battlin' Business Units.
Consultant, internal business units, bicker, lie, recommendation, Dogbert, Boss

The Boss introduces "Battlin' Business Units".
Consultant, business units, battle, cross-charging, undermining, janitor, presentation, BBU, Boss, Wally, Dilbert, Alice