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The MBA class teacher starts with a refresher in macro economics.
Professional, MBA, macro economics, expert, flood victim, classroom, pencil, whiteboard, diagram, teacher, Dilbert

Dogbert admires Dilbert's ability to work days and attend night classes.
Professional, MBA, night class, sleep, knowledge, Cheerios, breakfast, Dogbert, Dilbert

The Boss uses the paper-rock-scissors method to approve a project.
Management, decision, paper-rock-scissors, project, approval, random, Boss, Dilbert

Dogbert baits a woman in the park. She wants to pet him; he doesn't want to.
Society, park, cute, pet, shy, tease, no, soft, adorable, Dogbert, woman, Dilbert

Dogbert wants to charge people who give him their opinion.
Dogbert-Schemes, opinion, charge, compensation, from the mouths of babes, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dogbert sets up a toll line for people to give him their opinion.
Dogbert-Schemes, opinion, charge, 555-dog-bert, vote, television, advertisement, vote, poll, Dogbert, Ratbert

The group gets a new "Bungee Boss."
Management, bungee boss, mentor, incoming, reassign, harness, Boss, Bungee Boss, Dilbert, Wally

Dogbert wants to telecommute and have goals that can't be measured.
Telecommuting, interview, salary, objectives, direct deposit, Dogbert, Boss

Dilbert presents a chart to describe his project's decision making process.
Management, project, decision process, chart, meeting, question, presentation, projector, diagram, Dilbert, Boss

Dilbert must work harder or be put in the box.
Management, hard work, box, cubicle, unmanageable, threat, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert borrows some paper for the laser printer. Phil catches him.
Office Politics, paper, photocopier, laser printer, budget, punishment, heck, wit, pitchspoon, Dilbert, Phil, Wally

Ratbert feels incredibly lucky as Catbert attacks.
Note: Catbert's first appearance.
Start of saga: Catbert's first appearance.
Family, optimist, luck, attack, hat, Ratbert, Catbert

Dogbert figures out how to remove Catbert from Ratbert's head.
Family, violence, attack, separate, stomp, injury, optimist, Dogbert, Bob, Catbert, Ratbert

Dogbert tells Catbert he's not welcome, and Catbert wants to pounce on his natural enemy.
Family, attack, house, computer, enemy, rules, keyboard, Dogbert, Catbert, Dilbert

Catbert takes over Dilbert's keyboard.
Family, computer, keyboard, cat on the keyboard, ctrl-alt-del, reboot, Dilbert, Catbert

Catbert convinces Dogbert he should stay.
Family, demographics, family value, appeal, immortal, Mickey, Dogbert, Catbert, Ratbert

Dilbert asks the Boss for an executive decision without expecting an answer.
Management, executive decision, delay tactic, illegible question, Dilbert, Boss

Dogbert presents his pyramid scheme.
Dogbert-Schemes, pyramid scheme, wealth, ethics, recruit, family, scam, marketing, sucker, guarantee, math, Dogbert, Dilbert, Wally

Dilbert tells Dogbert what he expects from the upcoming technology show.
Start of saga: Dilbert attends a technology show.
Technology, technology show, product, salmon, suitcase, spawn, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert learns men without facial hair are not allowed on the technology show exhibition floor.
Technology, technology show, registration, beard, suspenders, exhibition, clerk, Dilbert

Dilbert tries to evade the vendors at the technology show.
Technology, technology show, vendor, scan, tractor beam, boring, suspenders, life support, calculate, Dilbert, vendor

Project requirements firm up, but not with Engineering's involvement.
Teamwork, project requirements, changing requirements, secret thoughts, goon, budget, man, Dilbert

Bob's services as a goon are up for bids.
Teamwork, project requirements, secret thoughts, goon, bidding, hourly rate, injury, Dilbert, Bob, man

Dilbert fills in a questionnaire about the Boss's management style.
Management, questionnaire, management style, confidential, training, Boss, Dilbert

The Boss criticises Dilbert for using the fax for personal business.
Management, fax, personal business, paper, electricity, steal, power, Boss, Dilbert

Saint Dogbert punishes people who stray from the meeting agenda.
Office Politics, agenda, punish, say something stupid, bishop hat, sceptre, Dilbert, man, Saint Dogbert, Alice, Wally, Boss

A vice president makes Dilbert and the Boss wait in the hallway.
Office Politics, late, banjo, wait in the hallway, worth, vice president, Dilbert

The Boss asks Dilbert to remove a cartoon from his cubicle because it's hurting morale.
Management, cartoon, cubicle, morale, management decision, comic strip, kick me, Boss, Dilbert

The Boss announces the new strategy of shipping defective products and charging for technical support.
Policy, defective products, tech support, user manual, hate, customer, Boss, Dilbert, Wally, Alice

Dilbert and the Boss decide between a good interface and an easy to build interface.
Engineer, point and click, command line interface, typo, reboot, GUI, graphical user interface, Dilbert, Boss