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The Boss gives a "recognition fuzzy" to Dilbert for good work.
Management, award, recognition fuzzy, project, morale, lint, jealousy, Boss, Wally, Dilbert

Dilbert bores his date with a technical story to the point of murder.
Dating, boring story, scope, layer three protocol, D-Channel packet addressing, suicide, recalibrate, restaurant, Wine, knife, engineer, Dilbert, waiter, Dilbert's date

The bureaucracy proves too much for Dilbert as he tries to upgrade his computer.
Administration, computer, budget, law, review, demon, buttock, business case, bid, quality audit, signature, vendor, committee, accounting, inventory, economy, Dilbert, troll, Dogbert

Dogbert shouts his way into a job.
Start of saga: Dogbert's empire.
Dogbert-Schemes, shout, loud, hire, entry level, promotion, trend, raise, nameplate, ear, Dogbert, Boss

Dogbert has a job and a raise, now he goes after an office by shouting.
Dogbert-Schemes, shout, loud, office, frame, pack, ear, Dogbert, employee

Dogbert, with a corner office, now goes after an empire.
Dogbert-Schemes, shout, loud, empire, corner office, task force, buzzword, palmtop personal multimedia, Dogbert, Dilbert, Wally

Dogbert welcomes the volunteers for his task force on palmtop personal multimedia.
Technology, task force, palmtop personal multimedia, resume, future, mother lode, volunteer, vision, project, Dogbert, Wally, Dilbert, Alice

Dogbert demands the Boss transfer budget to him.
Dogbert-Schemes, empire, budget, volunteer, team player, task force, transfer, signature, Dogbert, Boss

The company president is impressed by Dogbert's rise to power.
Office Politics, power, executive, hair, toupee, president, Dogbert

Chuck, Dilbert's high school nemesis, brags about his car and girlfriend.
Personal, rival, nemesis, high school, Corvette, race, smart, aerobics, Adam's apple, nerdmobile, cross-dresser, transvestite, Dilbert, Chuck, Dogbert

Dogbert states in an emergency board meeting promotions to senior management are based on hair.
Management, emergency board meeting, promotion, senior management, hair, toupee, Dogbert

Dogbert becomes the new company president because he has the best hair.
Start of saga: Dogbert, company president.
Dogbert-Schemes, promote, president, motion, cafeteria, helicopter pad, trap door, flush, Dogbert, board member

A disgruntled employee makes demands to company president Dogbert.
Management, president, complain, parking space, flush, disgruntled, Dogbert, disgruntled employee

Dogbert makes some short-sighted spending cuts to increase his earnings.
Leadership, president, money, spending cuts, short-sighted, stock price, stock options, business trip, compare, Dogbert, Boss, Dilbert, Wally, Alice

Dogbert gloats about how much money he's saved and wants to exercise his stock options.
Leadership, president, business trip, one way, stock options, media, leak, farm, strategy, Iowa, gun, Dogbert, Dilbert, farmer

Dogbert quits as company president and becomes a philanthropist.
Dogbert-Schemes, president, quit, fortune, stock options, retire, philanthropy, beg, building, Dogbert, Ratbert

Dilbert wants to refund part of his salary because he worked below his full potential.
Management, potential, refund, salary, process, Tetris, time saver, clarify, Dilbert, Boss, Wally, Ted

The Boss brags he can double the employees' workload and there's nothing they can do about it.
Overwork, workload, luck, economy, job, promotion, camera, Boss, Dilbert, Alice, Wally

The Boss complains Alice is spending time with her family when she could be working.
Overwork, family, work, pay, house, Boss, Alice

Alice complains she deserves some time with her family.
Overwork, family, long hours, lifeless nineties, Alice, Boss

Alice complains to the Boss she works too many hours and doesn't spend enough time with her family.
Overwork, overwork, family time, the company cares, brochure, celibacy, adoption, Alice, Boss

Dilbert is nothing, Dogbert says.
Family, derogatory, fool, speed reading, self-help, book, warning label, ear, Dogbert, Dilbert

How many blonds does it take to change a tire?
Office Politics, blond, joke, flat tire, car jack, diaper, Wally, Dilbert

A security guard says how safe the office is from thieves.
Corporate Services, guard, shopping mall, store, merchandise, snack drawer, shoes, Dilbert, security guard, janitor

Dilbert does his timesheet in fifteen minute increments.
Management, time report, project, status, jeopardy list, budget, accomplishment, Dilbert, Boss

The Boss asks for volunteers to join a task force on productivity.
Downsizing, unproductive, task force, volunteer, cut costs, Boss, Dilbert, Wally, Ted

Ratbert doesn't know if he's left-handed or right-handed.
Family, left-handed, right-handed, ball, catch, awkward, pillow, Ratbert

Ratbert shouldn't worry about being awkward. Lots of people are, but lead happy lives, Dogbert says.
Family, awkward, computer skills, happy, homely, dull, Dogbert, Ratbert, Dilbert

The Garbageman fishes a bad idea out of Dilbert's garbage.
Technology, garbage, idea, first draft, spell checker, Garbageman, Dilbert

The Garbageman improves upon Dilbert's designs.
Technology, garbage, suggestion, design, feedback, paper boy, Dilbert, Garbageman

Dilbert doesn't think the waitress will get his order right.
Retail, restaurant, order, paper trail, complaint, demonic hatred, menu, Dilbert, waitress, Dogbert