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Dilbert wants a raise since his patent will earn fifty million dollars for the company.
Management, patent, earn, raise, profit, budget, recognition, excuse, Dilbert, Boss

Dilbert wants to know if his illustration for his presentation is clear.
Presentation, illustration, Elvis, credenza, lightning, video teleconference, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert gets a bad reaction to his artwork at a presentation.
Meeting, artwork, presentation, projector, Dilbert, co-worker

Dilbert feels sad and Ratbert wants to cheer him up.
Family, sad, hug, clean, shoe, relationship, depressed, frown, smile, Dilbert, Ratbert

While brainstorming, Alice imagines herself away from the rest of the group.
Meeting, brainstorm, imagine, clueless, insult, Boss, Alice, Dilbert, Wally

Dilbert discovers fruits and vegetables that stimulate happiness.
Start of saga: Happiness from fruits and vegetables.
Science, brain, chemical, happiness, ban, government, fruit, vegetable, Dilbert, Dogbert

Government agents come to confiscate Dilbert's happiness drug.
Science, happiness, drug, fruit, vegetable, government, confiscate, nutrition, pistol, outlaw, gun, sunglasses, Dilbert, government man

Dilbert erases his formula for making a happiness drug out of fruits and vegetables.
Science, happiness, drug, erase, pursue, wedgie, jail, pistol, gun, sunglasses, discomfort, proactive, fulfilled, government man, Dilbert, Bob

Dogbert makes collectible commemorative plates with acorns on them.
Dogbert-Schemes, commemorative plate, collectible, acorn, mystery, horde, moron, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dogbert introduces a new series of commemorative plates -- a French guy with a hat.
Dogbert-Schemes, commemorative plate, collectible, acorn, French guy with a hat, missing, pillow, Russian, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert wonders why he's so unlucky in love. Maybe it's because he's so knowledgeable in science. Dogbert has a simpler explanation.
Philosophy, dating, science, intimidation, self-esteem, ego, Occam's Razor, simple, idiot, unattractive, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dogbert writes a health book with obvious advice.
Dogbert-Schemes, health-book, joggerobic, carpet, ignorance, formula, food, sleep, exercise, jog, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dogbert is in a commercial for his joggerobic carpet patch.
Dogbert-Schemes, television, advertisement, fad, diet, exercise, joggerobic, book, athlete, jog, mail order, Dogbert, Ratbert

Dogbert branches out into other products because of his successful joggerobic carpet patch.
Dogbert-Schemes, joggerobic, carpet, expand, product research, carpet club for men, cash, Dilbert, Dogbert, Ratbert

Ratbert invents "Carpet Patch Kids" for a new product.
Dogbert-Schemes, product, direction, carpet patch kids, unique, name, personal attack, Ratbert, Dogbert

The newest fad is for employees to evaluate the Boss's performance.
Management, fad, policy, appraisal, performance review, retribution, subordinate, Boss, Dilbert

Ratbert worries he isn't reaching his full potential as a rat.
Family, bubonic plague, potential, population, Europe, temperature, glory days, sick, illness, Dilbert, Ratbert

Dilbert gets a perfect attendance award.
Health, award, attendance, children, meeting, germ, stress, gloat, immune system, sick, health, Boss, Dilbert

The Boss sucks the life out of an employee turning him into a damp rag.
Start of saga: Employees turn into damp rags.
Management, project, money, support, status report, damp rag, budget, life force, empower, brunch, Boss, co-worker, Dilbert

Dogbert offers to help the damp rags -- for a fee.
Dogbert-Schemes, class action suit, damp rag, life force, fee, BMW, spineless, Dogbert, damp rag

Dogbert confronts the Boss about turning employees into damp rags.
Dogbert-Schemes, class action suit, damp rag, car wash, blow nose, law firm, accounting, Dogbert, Boss

A lawyer tries to intimidate Dogbert for bringing a lawsuit.
Law, class action suit, intimidation, case, Dogbert, lawyer

Dogbert calls the defendant's lawyer in his suit.
Law, court, trial, class action suit, lingerie, defendant, witness, gavel, Dogbert, lawyer, judge

Dogbert sums up his argument and tries to bribe the jury.
Law, court, trial, class action suit, bribe, kickback, reasonable doubt, jury, self-addressed stamped envelope, SASE, gavel, Dogbert, judge

The engineers ask their president some questions and get surprisingly honest answers.
Management, president, minority, fear, making babies, salary, profit, training, honesty, question, talent, fired, Boss, Mr. Goodenrich, Dilbert, Alice, Wally

The jury awards Dogbert fifty million dollars in the damp rag lawsuit.
Law, court, trial, class action suit, verdict, Maytag dryer, gavel, glasses, best dressed, jury, jury foreman, judge

Dogbert gloats about his fifty million dollar lawsuit win.
Family, trial, middle class, buy and sell, calculator, Dogbert, Dilbert, flunky

Dilbert proposes a biodome experiment to Dogbert.
Start of saga: Biodome experiment.
Science, bioworld, glass dome, ecology, volunteer, engineer, picture, Dilbert, Dogbert

The design for Bioworld is complete, and Dogbert has selected the volunteers.
Science, bioworld, glass dome, ecology, volunteer, car salesman, coincidence, design, satellite dish, antenna, model, Dilbert, Dogbert

The dome is sealed in the Bioworld experiment for two years.
Science, bioworld, ecology, glass dome, plant, delivery, survival, dome, resource, seal, Dilbert, Dogbert, volunteer, delivery man

The Biodome experiment is off to a bad start with no plants in the dome.
Science, bioworld, ecology, glass dome, plant, oxygen, journal, laptop computer, diary, sign, emotion, Dilbert, Dogbert