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Captain Bob describes the best way to avoid frostbite -- meat tenderiser.
Travel, plane, crash, mountain, cannibal, meat tenderiser, Worcestershire sauce, frostbite, snow, Captain Bob, Dilbert

The crash survivors confront Captain Bob about his plans to eat them.
Travel, plane, crash, mountain, cannibal, message, village, snow, snowball, Dilbert, Captain Bob

Dilbert demands compensation for lost luggage from Lucky Airlines.
Travel, airline, lost luggage, hot-wax, plane, crash, mountain, telephone, Dilbert

Everyone gets a turn at holding the new baby and Dilbert sneezes on him.
Office Politics, new baby, sneeze, prune, proud momma, co-worker, Dilbert

The Boss asks Dilbert to fill in a survey about employee's attitude toward bosses.
Management, survey, attitude, Eskimo, anonymous, ethnic, objectives, communication, Boss, Dilbert

A potential financial adviser introduces himself to Dogbert.
Start of saga: Financial investor.
Investment, bond, trust, strategy, Dogbert, financial adviser

A financial adviser recommends a churn and burn strategy.
Investment, mutual fund, Churn 'n' Burn, equity, brokerage fee, risk, brochure, Dilbert, financial adviser

A financial adviser recommends strategies for Dilbert, the timid investor.
Investment, investor, Perpetual Certificates of Deposit, interest, withdraw, Flying Debenture, financial adviser, Dilbert

Dilbert's financial adviser recommends a fund that has bags of money buried around town.
Investment, investor, Strategic Diversification Fund, lawyer, dog, money bag, financial adviser, Dilbert

Dilbert describes the process of investing in stock options.
Investment, stock options, stock broker, family, snide comment, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert makes a killing on the stock market.
Start of saga: Dilbert gets rich on the stock market.
Investment, stock options, Zymed, corporate takeover, money can't buy happiness, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dogbert debunks the diamond marketing strategy.
Retail, diamond, jewelry, pebble, marketing, supply, secret, jewellery store, Dogbert, jewelry clerk

Dilbert still goes to work even after he makes a fortune in the stock market.
Investment, stock market, regular guy, gloat, member of society, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert fears for his safety because of his new wealth.
Investment, stock market, tragedy, lightning, meteor, car, scorch, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert has nothing but bad luck since he made a fortune in the stock market.
Investment, stock market, luck, tragedy, friend, bandage, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert thinks his date is only attracted to him for his money.
Dating, stock market, glasses, talking wallet, attractive, restaurant, Dilbert, Mary

Dilbert is miserable with his money.
Start of saga: Dilbert buys a supercomputer.
Investment, stock market, law of found money, unhappy, intuition, computer, supercomputer, Dilbert, Garbageman

Dilbert shows off his new supercomputer he bought with his fortune.
Technology, supercomputer, pi, circle, area, screwdriver, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert meets his fourth grade teacher, and takes revenge.
Personal, school, fourth grade, homely, punish, angry, revenge, hiney, insult, Dilbert, Dogbert, Miss Mulput

Dilbert creates a model to predict Dogbert's entire life.
Technology, computer model, prediction, brain chemistry, cause and effect, free will, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert's computer predicts Dilbert's and Dogbert's life.
Technology, computer model, prediction, script, squirrel, nut, mine, evil, Dilbert, Dogbert

A news reporter interviews Dilbert about his prediction of squirrels taking over the world.
Technology, television, news, prediction, interview, squirrel, evil, nut, mine, math, microphone, Dilbert, reporter

The Garbageman explains why Dilbert's model didn't work.
Technology, squirrel, evil, computer model, prediction, chaos theory, guess, spy, Dilbert, Garbageman

Office workers are compared to prairie dogs.
Office Politics, cubicle, prairie dog, Dilbert, Wally

Dogbert evaluates potential models.
Fashion, model, evaluation, hideous, Dogbert, woman

Some red-headed people protest a movie.
Society, boycott, red hair, protest, stereotype, temper, ignorance, fight, Dogbert, red headed man

Dogbert starts a newsletter for clueless people via desktop publishing.
Note: Title strip for "Clues for the Clueless."
Start of saga: Clues for the Clueless newsletter
Dogbert-Schemes, newsletter, clueless, Dilbert, Dogbert

Bob reads Dogbert's "Clues for the Clueless" newsletter.
Dogbert-Schemes, newsletter, clueless, wrestling, exercise, Dogbert, Bob

Dilbert talks while Dogbert writes his newsletter.
Dogbert-Schemes, newsletter, clueless, computer, write, conversation, Dilbert, Dogbert

Ratbert only thinks he doesn't need Dogbert's newsletter for the clueless.
Dogbert-Schemes, 360, clueless, newsletter, Dogbert, Ratbert

Dilbert overhears why some ladies all go together to the washroom.
Corporate Services, ladies room, television, Gone With the Wind, soap, Dilbert, Wally, Alice, Mary