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Dogbert shows seven advantages of being dumb.
Society, dumb, ozone, television, Doogie Howser, Africa, France, budget, signature, Elvis, Dan Quayle, Dogbert, Bob, Dilbert

Ratbert says Dogbert's name recognition is low.
Politics, poll, election, campaign, president, name recognition, Ratbert, Dilbert

Dogbert wants to host a television show about ignorant people.
Dogbert-Schemes, television, shadow, voice, Dogbert, Dilbert

On "Dogbert's Amazingly Ignorant People", people talk about economics.
Dogbert-Schemes, economics, television, money supply, bank balance, television camera, microphone, Dogbert, man

On "Dogbert's Amazingly Ignorant People", people try to find Australia on the globe.
Dogbert-Schemes, geography, television, Australia, Alps, kangaroo, London, microphone, Dogbert, woman, man

On "Dogbert's Amazingly Ignorant People", a kid guesses how many people died in World War II.
Dogbert-Schemes, television, history, World War II, rounding, microphone, Dogbert, kid

Ratbert works at product testing cosmetics.
Family, cosmetics, product testing, wolf whistle, makeup, Ratbert, doctor

Dilbert joins a drum beating group.
Society, poet, drum, masculine, Robert Bly, warrior, tea, Dilbert, Dogbert, man

Dogbert smells the neighbour's cat on Dilbert, and doesn't like it.
Start of saga: Dogbert sues Dilbert for petimony.
Law, smell, cat, petimony, lie, trial, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dogbert's lawyer comes to see Dilbert, for allegedly petting the neighbour's cat.
Law, cat, petimony, Garfield, lawsuit, lawyer, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert wants to handle the lawsuit without lawyers.
Law, cat, petimony, ugly, lawsuit, Dilbert, Dogbert, lawyer

In the petimony trial, Ratbert is the first witness.
Law, trial, court, witness, lawsuit, Cat Fancy magazine, root beer, cat, petimony, lawyer, Ratbert

Dilbert requests the petimony lawsuit be dropped.
Law, trial, court, petimony, habeas corpus, lawsuit, Latin, dismiss, Dilbert, judge

Dilbert calls Fuzzy the Cat as his witness in the petimony trial.
Law, trial, court, petimony, lawsuit, witness, rub up, bury, sand, Dilbert, Fuzzy the Cat

Dogbert offers tax preparation services.
Dogbert-Schemes, tax preparation, income tax, math, confusion, Dogbert, man

The judge decides in the petimony trial.
Law, trial courtroom, petimony, lawsuit, judgement, argument, gavel, judge

Dogbert practises false modesty.
Dogbert-Schemes, compliment, modesty, genius, humility, weasel, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dogbert uses false humility to weasel compliments out of people.
Note: Ratbert utters the famous phrase: Actually, I'm as dumb as toast.
Dogbert-Schemes, humility, compliment, dumb as toast, insult, Dogbert, Ratbert

Dogbert makes insecure people insult themselves.
Dogbert-Schemes, humility, compliment, insecurity, insult, sexy, Dogbert, woman

The Boss apologises for a silly and ridiculous assignment.
Management, assignment, channel, Bozo the Clown, silly, spirit, Boss, Dilbert

Dogbert gives Dilbert some smart pills.
Family, smart pill, gift, Chinese herbs, news, insult, Dogbert

Dogbert offers his services in industrial espionage.
Note: The title strip from "It's Obvious You Won't Survive on Your Wits Alone."
Dogbert-Schemes, corporate espionage, spy, code name, nuclear device, newspaper, gullible, Dogbert, Boss

Dilbert invents a hair-growth formula.
Start of saga: Hair growth formula.
Science, lab, invention, hair, formula, luck, pillow, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert is covered in hair from his hair-growth formula.
Science, invention, hair, formula, test, scalp, hindsight, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert consults a psychologist about being covered in hair.
Science, urge, sunglasses, Porsche, hair, formula, Dilbert, psychologist

Dilbert is depressed about being covered in hair.
Pun, science, hair, formula, fiasco, Bigfoot, gun, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dogbert gets rid of Dilbert's excess hair.
Science, hair, formula, Roseanne Arnold, bikini, fright, Dilbert, Dogbert

Alice asks Willy the janitor to get rid of a mouse and they debate feminism.
Feminism, mouse, janitor, women's movement, Alice, Willy, Dilbert

A new father shows pictures of his baby.
Office Politics, baby, picture, pug dog, model, compliment, Wally, Dilbert, new father

Dogbert wants to go to Washington to become a financial adviser.
Start of saga: Dogbert, president's financial adviser.
Politics, finance, adviser, economics, tax, potato, Dilbert, Dogbert

Bob learns Dogbert wants to be the president's financial adviser.
Politics, finance, adviser, tax, president, government, Bob, Dogbert