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Fate comes knocking at Dogbert's door.
Dogbert-Schemes, hover, saucer, Elbonia, conquer, merger, opportunity, pillow, Dogbert, Fate

Dogbert rationalises about taking Dilbert flying saucer.
Dogbert-Schemes, hover, saucer, Elbonia, conquer, power, ambition, metaphor, weapon, UFO, Dogbert

Dogbert is on his way to conquer Elbonia in a flying saucer.
Dogbert-Schemes, hover, saucer, Elbonia, King Dogbert of Elbonia, smart missile, PBS, weapon, UFO, Dogbert

Dogbert arrives in Elbonia.
Dogbert-Schemes, hover, saucer, Elbonia, holy scrolls, shave, duck, weapon, UFO, crash, Elbonian

Elbonians think Dogbert's arriving is a sign from God.
Start of saga: Dogbert, King of Elbonia.
Dogbert-Schemes, hospital, Elbonia, bed, king, communism, religion, Doug, Elbonian

Dogbert buys a nuclear bomb.
Politics, nuclear device, national debt, liberal, hissy fit, back alley, trench coat, gizmo, Dogbert, government man

Dogbert becomes King of Elbonia.
Dogbert-Schemes, Elbonia, news, king, television, monarchy, descendant, Doug, bishop hat, sceptre, news reader, Dogbert

Dilbert buys a ticket to Elbonia.
Travel, Elbonia, slingshot, ticket, first class, coach, travel agent, Dilbert, Elbonian

Dilbert wants to stop Dogbert from being King of Elbonia.
Travel, Elbonia, slingshot, king, Doug, skeet, airport, bishop hat, Dilbert, Dogbert, Elbonian

Dilbert arrives in Elbonia. Dogbert skeet-shoots Dilbert's suitcase.
Travel, Elbonia, slingshot, king, skeet, luggage, suitcase, balance of nature, bishop hat, Dilbert, Dogbert, Elbonian

Dilbert goes to Dogbert's castle.
Dogbert-Schemes, Elbonia, king, resign, lurk, punishment, blind date, bishop hat, front door, door knocker, Dilbert, Dogbert, Elbonian

Dilbert asks Dogbert to step down as king of Elbonia.
Dogbert-Schemes, Elbonia, king, paper-rock-scissors, Olympics, mitten, bishop hat, Dilbert, Dogbert, Elbonian

Dilbert wonders why kids don't know anything and interviews a kid.
Society, trivia, knowledge, president, United States, MC Hammer, lake, sarcasm, school, stupid, microphone, Dilbert, kid

Dilbert tries to convince Dogbert to leave Elbonia.
Dogbert-Schemes, Elbonia, king, democracy, national bird, condor, Frisbee, bishop hat, throne, Dilbert, Dogbert

Elbonians demand free speech from King Dogbert.
Politics, democracy, Elbonia, free speech, hat, idea, pressure, market, society, bishop hat, Elbonian

The Elbonians present their bill of rights.
Politics, democracy, Elbonia, bill of rights, potato, armpit noise, first draft, bishop hat, throne, Elbonian, Dogbert

The Elbonian democratic movement has a leader.
Politics, democracy, Elbonia, leader, charisma, give me liberty, are we mice, bishop hat, Dilbert, Elbonian

The Elbonians come to the gates with pickaxes and rakes.
Politics, mob, pickaxe, gate, emergency, slingshot, garden festival, bishop hat, throne, pick, shovel, Dogbert, Dilbert, Elbonian

Dilbert asks for help with a crossword puzzle.
Family, crossword puzzle, idiot, newspaper, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert collects butterflies.
Science, butterfly, chemical, glass, art, wing, park, Dilbert, Dogbert, Mother Nature

Wally tries to get fired because the layoff plan is generous.
Note: Wally's first appearance.
Benefits, layoff, polka-dot underwear, Dilbert, Wally, Boss

Wally still hasn't been able to get fired.
Office Politics, fire, luck, severance package, Krazy Glue, farm animal, staff meeting, pig, duck, cow, Dilbert, Wally, Boss

Dilbert looks through his high school yearbook.
Personal, high school, yearbook, most likely to, potato, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert reminisces about dopey Bobby Noober from high school.
Personal, high school, yearbook, frog, flagpole, principal, Dilbert, Dogbert

The Boss hires Tom Peters as a business consultant.
Management, customer, focus, business consultant, criticism, spit, Boss, Tom Peters, Dilbert

Dilbert complains he has no luck.
Personal, luck, if life gives you lemons, lemonade, allergy, citrus, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dogbert investigates a possible poltergeist.
Society, investigative reporter, poltergeist, disturbance, farm, Dogbert, Kay and Clem Bovinski

Dilbert pays ten dollars to pet Dogbert.
Family, negotiate, offer, pet, industry standard, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dogbert charges five dollars for people to pet him.
Dogbert-Schemes, pet, rabies, wag, sale, sidewalk, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert tells a psychologist about having to pay to pet his dog.
Personal, couch, touch, dating, pet, hug, Dilbert, psychologist

Ted avoids assignments by taking vacation during work time.
Meeting, explanation, vacation, avoid work, sick time, Ted, Dilbert