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Lisa, a former date, comes to Dilbert's neighbourhood to deliver a note.
Dating, brick, note, awkward, walk, neighbourhood, oxygen, fungus, Valentine, Dilbert, Lisa

Dilbert is introduced to Floyd Remora, a new co-worker who attaches to the backs of other workers.
Start of saga: Floyd Remora, who attaches to the backs of successful co-workers.
Office Politics, co-worker, skill, remora, attaching to backs of co-worker, suction, Boss, Dilbert, Floyd Remora

Wally had his turn to work with Floyd Remora.
Office Politics, remora, success, contribution, lance, hickey, back, suction, Wally, Dilbert, Floyd Remora

Dilbert's date objects to the little man on Dilbert's back.
Dating, remora, back, critical, success, pressure, die, suction, flowers, Dilbert, Dilbert's date, Floyd Remora

Dogbert meets a teenager worried about wood.
Society, worry, wood, war, Norway, fiord, draft, pimple, zit, Dogbert, worried teenager

Dilbert tries to sculpt an elephant.
Personal, sculpt, elephant, marble, statue, art, Dilbert

The Boss combats feminism by awarding the title of "Company Fellow" to Betty.
Feminism, myth, sexist, director, fellow, restroom, washroom, Boss, Betty

Dilbert arrives at the wrong meeting.
Meeting, agenda, escape, dark, awkward, economy, interest rate, Dilbert, co-worker

Dogbert wonders whether the news is faked.
Start of saga: Fake news.
Society, news, television, Hollywood, fake, space shuttle, string, rerun, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dilbert says news isn't faked.
Society, news, television, Hollywood, special effect, Dan Rather, model, space shuttle, Dogbert, Dilbert, George Lucas

Dogbert visits George Lucas's studio to see how news is made.
Society, news, television, studio, Hollywood, special effect, Dan Quayle, Muppet, Dogbert, George Lucas

George Lucas tells about his first film, the 1969 moon landing.
Society, news, television, moon landing, Barbie, aluminum foil, script, rocket, astronaut, George Lucas, Dogbert

Dilbert reads about primitive cultures in National Geographic magazine.
Science, National Geographic, magazine, primitive cultures, New Yorker, pygmy, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert's boss hands out paycheques, but gloats over Dilbert's position.
Benefits, paycheque, happiness, dance, payday, Dilbert, Boss

A co-worker comes to Dilbert's house to watch "America's Most Wanted."
Family, television, America's Most Wanted, wedgie, cable, victim, Dilbert, John Smith

Dogbert decides to trip an ugly stranger to cheer himself up.
Personal, bad mood, ugly, self-help, book, Dogbert

The Boss asks Dilbert to put together a presentation.
Start of saga: Dilbert gives a presentation on geometry.
Presentation, staff meeting, topic, geometry, major, rectangle, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert's topic for presentation is on rectangles.
Presentation, staff meeting, geometry, rectangle, parallelogram, controversy, communication, Dilbert, Dogbert

The topic of Dilbert's presentation is set according to the interest of his boss.
Presentation, meeting, rectangle, geometry, geography, Wyoming, Wally, Dilbert

The Boss asks Dilbert and Alice to learn lines for the company commercial.
Sales, commercial, script, abuse, serve, love puppet, Boss, Dilbert, Alice

A body builder says it's not easy to explain what he does.
Society, body builder, party, pay, park, park bench, bench, Dogbert, weight lifter

Dogbert meets a fish with legs.
Science, nature, evolution, leg, Rodney Dangerfield, mate, mutant, Dogbert, fish

Dogbert practises preaching from a cliff.
Dogbert-Schemes, supreme ruler of Earth, preach, worship, practise, eye, zombie, Dogbert, Ratbert

Dogbert and Ratbert both try visualising their goals.
Family, conquest, visualisation, cheese, Dogbert, Ratbert

Wally wants to borrow a pen from Dilbert.
Office Politics, pen, borrow, personal relationship, farewell, Wally, Dilbert

A co-worker notifies Dilbert he will sleep through Dilbert's presentation.
Meeting, presentation, sleep, pillow, blanket, manners, Dilbert, co-worker

The technical people have fun over a misunderstanding over megabits and gigabits.
Technology, gigabit, megabit, humour, joke, meeting, fun loving, friend, laughter, Dilbert, co-worker

Dilbert becomes one with his computer.
Pun, technology, merge, become one, ecstasy, logic, emotion, nerdvana, Dilbert, Dogbert

Brad always insults his co-workers, but it's just for fun.
Office Politics, ugly, convention, cow pie, cruel, male bonding, poker, Brad, Bruce, Dilbert

Dilbert finishes his flying saucer.
Start of saga: Dogbert conquers Elbonia in a flying saucer.
Science, saucer, weapon, hover, invention, wrong hands, weapon, screwdriver, UFO, Dilbert, Dogbert