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Dogbert can free people from guilt.
Dogbert-Schemes, pop, psychologist, lecture, guilt, copyright, stupid, microphone, Dogbert

Dogbert's method to free people from guilt is to have them find some invisible people.
Dogbert-Schemes, pop, psychologist, lecture, guilt, invisible, kill, microphone, Dogbert

Dilbert feels like everyone is judging him.
Personal, judge, accept, score, emotion, paranoid, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert tries to talk to a woman in a social setting.
Dating, pick up, decoy, cat, babble, ugly, defence, Dilbert, woman

A co-worker will have her baby by the Xerox machine because there is no leave.
Note: Alice's first appearance.
Benefits, leave, maternity, birth, Dilbert, co-worker, woman

The Boss offers Alice some time off for her baby, even though there's no maternity leave.
Management, birth, baby, Xerox, maternity leave, fertile, treatment, Boss, Alice

Alice named her baby after the Boss.
Family, baby, name, Butt Head, milk, lunch, Boss, Alice

Dilbert wants to invent a perpetual motion device.
Science, perpetual motion, device, impossible, time, gizmo, Dilbert, Dogbert

Everybody has to top the last guy's disease story.
Engineer, engineer, brag, internal organ, bubonic plague, lawn mower, temperature, repair, lunch, Dilbert, co-worker, headless man

Dilbert wonders why Dogbert is staring at him.
Personal, stare, plot, instinct, look up people's noses, binoculars, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert stops to help a driver in distress.
Society, car, drive, break down, engine, hood, mechanic, fraud, gas, explosion, Dilbert, lady driver

Dogbert gets a job as a used-car salesman, but not for the money.
Start of saga: Dogbert, used car salesman.
Dogbert-Schemes, used-car sales representative, lie, gas mileage, diamond smuggler, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dogbert haggles over the prices of cars.
Dogbert-Schemes, used-car sales representative, negotiate, purchase, buy, Dogbert, customer

A kid wants to buy a car with the money he saved from mowing lawns.
Dogbert-Schemes, used-car sales representative, mow, lawn, select, med school, cash, Dogbert, Timmy

Dogbert couldn't convince the sales manager to accept a customer's price.
Dogbert-Schemes, used-car sales representative, negotiate, price, steal, purse, run over, first-born, Dogbert, customer

A man doesn't want to spend much money on a car.
Dogbert-Schemes, used-car sales representative, model, lawn, disassemble, I gotta be me, Dogbert, customer

Dogbert quits as a used-car salesman.
Dogbert-Schemes, used-car sales representative, retire, lie, Reader's Digest, crime, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dilbert has trouble connecting his new VCR.
Technology, VCR, cable, instruction manual, television, ohm, electrical engineer, lie, motor oil, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dogbert makes bankers do tricks to talk him into investing money.
Dogbert-Schemes, money, bank, Dogbert, bank employee

Dogbert loves being rich, and pays a stranger to wallow in a mud puddle.
Dogbert-Schemes, rich, slave, puddle, wallow, bore, Dogbert

Dogbert hires Bob as a flunky.
Dogbert-Schemes, rich, hire, flunky, ethics, tongue, window, Dogbert, Bob

Dogbert loses his fortune.
Dogbert-Schemes, rich, broke, fortune, Ethel's Savings and Loan, junk bond, chequing account, tears, Dogbert, Dilbert

The government tries to repay some money Dogbert lost.
Start of saga: Dogbert owns a senator.
Politics, depositor, insurance, government, senator, Dogbert, government man

Dogbert describes his plans for the senator.
Politics, senator, value, political action committee, Senate, whiskey, Dilbert, Dogbert

A clerk in a video store ridicules people's video purchases.
Society, video, movie, rental, mystery, Tootsie, Rambo, lie, documentary, rental clerk, man, Dilbert, Dogbert

The tobacco lobby wants to buy Dogbert's senator.
Politics, senator, tobacco, lobby, sex appeal, media, sale, smoking, Dogbert, tobacco lobbyist

Dilbert worries he hasn't said anything all meeting.
Office Politics, meeting, quiet space, insight, unproductive, Dilbert, co-worker

A short guy in a meeting is abrasively assertive to compensate.
Start of saga: A short guy.
Meeting, shortness, small, coffee, spill, Dilbert, Les, co-worker

A short guy doesn't want to be made fun of.
Pun, shortness, pronounce, mock, temper, Les, Dilbert

A woman evaluates Les, a short guy, as a potential date.
Dating, shortness, bald, earning, resume, formula, calculator, Les, woman

A scientist test a computer air bag.
Science, concern, safety hazard, computer, radiation, airbag, crash, foomp, clipboard, Dilbert, Boss, scientist