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Dogbert defends Dilbert in court, saying the victim choked on a waffle.
Law, court, trial, X-ray, executive, murder, choke, waffle, Dogbert, judge

Dogbert wants to plea bargain with the district attorney.
Law, court, trial, murder, plea bargain, Sony, Walkman, death penalty, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dogbert calls the Garbageman as a witness in Dilbert's murder trial.
Law, court, trial, witness, Iowa Corn Treaty of 1837, poodle, Fifi, witch, Dogbert, Garbageman

Dilbert celebrates his "not guilty" decision.
Law, court, trial, not guilty, freedom, prison, celebrate, victory, cubicle, Dilbert, Dogbert

An unemployed cook says it's his brother's fault he can't find a job.
Pun, brother, unemployment, jail, dishonesty, judge a book by its cover, park bench, bench, Dogbert, cook

TV convinces Dogbert he should already be proclaimed ruler of the Earth.
Dogbert-Schemes, conquest, television, food, pillow, Dogbert

Are people good or evil? Dogbert responds.
Philosophy, good, evil, dog, cat, stupid, logic, theory, predict, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dogbert demonstrates Dog Aerobics.
Personal, fitness, aerobics, dog aerobics, nap, pillow, Dogbert

Dilbert learns from Wally the Internet may not be so valuable after all.
Technology, computer, Internet, Dilbert, Wally

One-pun strip at "Fred's Driving School, learn to drive in 5 minutes".
Pun, driving, crash, cash register, Dogbert, driving instructor

What if a giant bee fought a giant moth?
Philosophy, bee, moth, fight, wool, jumpsuit, hypothetical, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert tells a psychologist about his need to stock his pocket with pens and pencils.
Personal, write, tool, pen, pencil, colour, primary, secondary, Dilbert, psychologist

Dilbert gets mudflaps with silhouettes of naked women.
Personal, mud flap, silhouette, naked, woman, sexist, Neanderthal, second thoughts, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dogbert dreams of grandiose things.
Dogbert-Schemes, daydream, reality, twitch, feet, kiss, tease, tax, mud, bishop hat, sceptre, Dogbert, Dilbert

Ratbert decides to disguise himself as a chihuahua.
Start of saga: Ratbert disguised as a chihuahua.
Family, disguise, chihuahua, prejudice, Oscar, brother, pillow, Ratbert, Dogbert

Ratbert shows off his chihuahua disguise.
Family, disguise, chihuahua, turtleneck, sweater, blank expression, nervous, Ratbert, Dogbert

Dogbert tells Ratbert he must learn to think like a chihuahua.
Family, chihuahua, yip, disguise, one hand clapping, brain, sprain, Dogbert, Ratbert

Day one of Ratbert impersonating a chihuahua.
Family, disguise, chihuahua, prejudice, movie, lifestyle, violence, brutality, newspaper, Ratbert

Ratbert, disguised as a chihuahua, meets a kid.
Family, disguise, chihuahua, turtleneck, sweater, pretend, attention span, Ratbert, kid

Ratbert is tired and sore from impersonating a chihuahua.
Family, disguise, chihuahua, prejudice, bigot, sidewalk, lesson, evil, Ratbert, Dogbert

A police officer stops Dilbert for an illegal U-turn.
Law, car, drive, U-turn, illegal, ticket, tax, salary, sobriety, Dilbert, police officer

Dilbert decides to enter a stand-up comedy competition.
Start of saga: Dilbert in a stand-up comedy competition.
Personal, competition, stand-up comedy, freestyle, Dan Quayle, flatulence, mattress, warning label, Dilbert

Dogbert asks Dilbert why he thinks he can win the stand-up comedy competition.
Personal, competition, stand-up comedy, joke, women, bathroom, staple, chicken, Dilbert, Dogbert

A competitor helps Dilbert to relax before a stand-up comedy competition.
Personal, nervous, backstage, competition, stand-up comedy, relax, Mary Kay sales rep, camcorder, Dilbert, competitor

Dilbert didn't finish his first joke in the stand-up comedy competition.
Personal, competition, stand-up comedy, joke, slap, drag, senior citizen, trophy, Dogbert, Dilbert

Bob has a petition, but without any complaints.
Society, petition, complaint, democracy, sign, d-uuh, Bob, Dogbert

Dilbert forgets his keys and has to turn around -- without looking silly.
Personal, forget, keys, look silly, slap forehead, Dilbert

Dogbert sets up an agency to help people make friends.
Dogbert-Schemes, Dogbert's Find-a-Friend Service, sarcasm, tool, trap, sea monkey, Dogbert, lonely man, Dilbert

Dogbert becomes a pop psychologist.
Start of saga: Dogbert the pop psychologist.
Dogbert-Schemes, pop, psychologist, lecture, blame, problem, invisible, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dogbert wants to make a lecture video for his pop psychology.
Dogbert-Schemes, pop, psychologist, lecture, video, Madonna, look, ponytail, cone, Dogbert, image consultant

Dogbert the pop psychologist gives a lecture on guilt.
Dogbert-Schemes, pop, psychologist, lecture, auditorium, guilt, microphone, Dogbert