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Dilbert builds an android from a kit.
Start of saga: Andy the Android.
Science, android, kit, personality, walk, talk, dress, Dilbert, Dogbert

Andy the Android does as he's designed -- to observe and imitate humans.
Science, android, kit, behaviour, child, annoy, analysis, imitate, Dilbert, Andy

Andy the Android brags he will live forever.
Philosophy, android, immortal, forever, bore, Andy, Dilbert

Dogbert sums up what humans do in life: eat, sleep, and die.
Philosophy, android, behaviour, eat, sleep, die, religion, Andy, Dogbert

Andy wonders why religion has not worked after one day.
Philosophy, android, behaviour, religion, fulfilment, practise, soul, Sonny Bono, Cher, Andy, Dogbert

Andy asks Dilbert about the meaningless of human life.
Philosophy, android, copy, absurd, futile, life, Andy, Dilbert

A guide for women to explain why men say dumb things and don't take no for an answer.
Dating, conversation, pick up, boyfriend, goldfish, no, secret, Dilbert, woman

Dilbert shows Dogbert his new super-hero suit.
Start of saga: Dilbert the super-hero.
Personal, super-hero, power, suit, identity, secret, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert heads to the nuclear power plant in hopes of a freak accident to bestow super powers.
Personal, super-hero, power, accident, nuclear power, crowd, Dilbert

Dilbert has been bitten by a radioactive bug and looks forward to super powers.
Personal, super-hero, radioactive, insect, bug, dung beetle, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert waits for his super powers to kick in.
Personal, super-hero, radioactive, bug, dung beetle, power, politics, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert has a headache and goes for a pill.
Health, headache, pill, drug, seal, medicine cabinet, Dilbert

Dilbert explains the concept of time.
Science, physics, time, cannon, doughnut, lesson, speed of light, Dilbert

Dogbert explains how tax dollars are spent.
Politics, tax, budget, invention, space, secret, education, X-ray, microwave, congress, vacuum cleaner, shoe, stethoscope, skeleton, Dogbert, man

Dilbert calculates the cost of going to college.
Family, computer, program, child, cost, college, orthodontist, haircut, Norway, Dilbert

Dilbert wants to start budgeting for a child.
Family, child, college, cost, budget, modern, cave, bison, Dilbert, Dogbert

A co-worker explains his wife sews his clothes.
Fashion, talent, sew, clothing, hate, wife, Dilbert, co-worker

Dilbert doesn't like sinks where you must hold the tap on.
Science, restroom, sink, wash, hand, Acme Sink Inc, motto, bathroom, Dilbert, board member

Dilbert starts thinking strange thoughts when he's alone.
Personal, alone, think, bug, sweat, levitate, pen, shave, Dilbert

Dilbert has a first date, who avoids saying how little he attracts her.
Personal, women, dating, restaurant, Dilbert, woman

Dilbert finishes his presentation to the executive committee but they weren't listening.
Presentation, meeting, proposal, executive, committee, fuh, impression, Dilbert, committee member, Dogbert

A news reporter describe British crop circles.
Start of saga: Crop circles.
Science, television, news, crop circle, extraterrestrial, hostage, Dogbert

Dilbert thinks the crop circles are messages from aliens.
Science, crop circle, extraterrestrial, alien, message, wheat, Dogbert, Dilbert

Experts investigate the crop circles.
Science, crop circle, extraterrestrial, alien, wheat, team, expert, television, reporter, microphone, news reader

Aliens scare people away from their landing strips.
Science, crop circle, wheat, landing strip, UFO, ray, Stonehenge, alien

Dilbert gets attacked by a UFO.
Science, UFO, alien, crop circle, wheat, ray, Dilbert

Paper or plastic?
Retail, grocery, paper bag, plastic bag, recycle, planet, Dilbert, clerk

Dogbert meets a formerly rich man surrounded by maybe-men.
Pun, yes men, maybe, economy, cost-cutting, squash, Dogbert, man

The Boss asks Dilbert to schedule a meeting with his secretary.
Note: Carol's first appearance.
Office Politics, meeting, schedule, challenge of death, winged monkeys, Boss, Dilbert, Carol

Carol challenges Dilbert to get him on the Boss's calendar.
Note: The title strip from the book "Bring Me the Head of Willy the Mailboy."
Office Politics, meeting, schedule, challenge of death, trick, head, paper cutter, Carol, Dilbert, Willy