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Dilbert reads Elbonia has been reclassified as a second-world country.
Society, Elbonia, third-world country, eat, airline food, Dilbert, Dogbert, Elbonian

Dilbert oversleeps and has a headache.
Personal, wake, morning, oversleep, cure, headache, alarm clock, Dilbert

The Boss wants the Swedish women's swim team to stay at Dilbert's house.
Management, sponsor, Swedish women, swim team, hotel, expense, bonus, yank, cheque, joke, Boss, Dilbert

Dogbert wants to open a vocational school for self-service gas station attendants.
Start of saga: Dogbert opens a school for self-service gas station attendants.
Dogbert-Schemes, school, vocation, attendant, self-service gas station, student, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dilbert teaches potential attendants for self-service gas stations to do nothing.
Dogbert-Schemes, school, self-service gas station, vocation, attendant, building, Fotomat, congress, career, Dilbert, student

Dogbert says his school for gas station attendants will not be easy.
Dogbert-Schemes, school, vocation, self-service gas station, attendant, pump, curve, Dogbert, Phillips

A student at Dogbert's school for self-service gas station attendants asks if there are any military benefits.
Dogbert-Schemes, school, vocation, self-service gas station, attendant, benefit, uniform, Dogbert, student

Dogbert teaches his students at the school for self-service gas station attendants to relax.
Dogbert-Schemes, school, vocation, self-service gas station, attendant, relax, mind, thought, Dogbert

Dogbert closes his school for self-service gas station attendants.
Dogbert-Schemes, school, vocation, self-service gas station, attendant, close, fold, map, paper cut, panic, dead, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert's neighbour is annoying so Dilbert takes revenge by taking control of all the neighbours home systems.
Family, home, annoy, obnoxious, computer, television, microwave, telephone, life support, computer science, dish antenna, Dilbert, Dogbert, neighbour

Dilbert shreds some papers.
Technology, shredder, paper, clothing, hate, Dilbert

The shredder tried to kill, Dilbert explains to the Boss.
Technology, paranoid, shred, coffee machine, kill, Dilbert, Boss

The Boss asks the workers to dress as their favourite animals.
Management, business trip, Japan, productivity, animal costume, calisthenics, beaver, dolphin, Boss, Japanese businessmen

Dogbert hears about a study of sitting on a pillow and watching television.
Family, study, pillow, television, standards, celebrity, burp, encore, Dogbert

Dilbert, walking down a hallway, is on a collision course with Wally.
Office Politics, hallway, walk, avoid, dance, collision, Dilbert, Wally

A police officer arrests Dilbert for staying up late and playing on a computer.
Pun, late, play, computer, sleep, resist, rest, police officer, Dilbert

Dogbert takes over as leader of a Beaver Troop to further his ambitions for world conquest.
Dogbert-Schemes, Beaver Troop, leader, ambition, world conquest, servant, merit badge, Dogbert, kid

Dilbert quizzes Bob on how he gets along with a tiny brain.
Family, dinosaur, brain, Dilbert, Bob

Dilbert has a big sneeze at a meeting.
Meeting, sneeze, upset, pretend, leave town, name, Dilbert

Dilbert tells Dogbert about his sneeze at a meeting.
Meeting, sneeze, toupee, vice president, director of marketing, rib, gesundheit, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dilbert tries to reschedule after missing a doctor's appointment.
Health, appointment, reschedule, sick, excuse, Dilbert, clerk

Dogbert annoys Dilbert to get out of his bad mood.
Family, bad mood, annoy, ear, match, Dogbert, Dilbert

A man asks Dogbert how he is. Dogbert wants to know what type of answer to give.
Society, how are you?, social pulp, care, feeling, fine, man, Dogbert

Dilbert has been weightlifting to look good.
Personal, weightlifting, muscle, armpit, Latin, looks, Dilbert, Dogbert

A street vendor hawks nose puppies.
Retail, nose, puppy, ceramic, motto, find a need and fill it, sales rep, Dilbert

A street vendor explains about nose puppies.
Retail, nose, puppy, concept, money, philanthropy, sales rep, Dilbert

A kid wants an excuse for not doing his homework, so asks Dogbert to chew on his paper.
Society, mutt, homework, excuse, dog ate my homework, kid, Dogbert

Representatives from the Women's Power Organisation call on Dilbert.
Society, Women's Power Organisation, solicit, door to door, hit, woman, Dilbert

Dilbert got the pink slip today, he tells Dogbert.
Pun, pink slip, feel, colour, underwear, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert tries his hand at drawing "The Simpsons."
Pun, Simpsons, Bart Simpson, bicycle, draw, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert is alone at an office party and feels self-conscious.
Note: This strip is not collected in any book and is only available online.
Society, cocktail, drink, party, buffet, alone, mingle, Dilbert, Boss