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Dilbert was so poor he could only afford two-bean salad.
Pun, poor, two-bean salad, hundred-island dressing, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dogbert comments on Dilbert's book so far.
Family, book, Moby Dick, metaphor, imagery, smell, whale, Dilbert, Dogbert

There hasn't been a murder for a long time and Dilbert and Dogbert have differing opinions about when the next one will happen.
Philosophy, murder, optimist, pessimism, Dilbert, Dogbert

Great granddad Dilbert invents sliced bread, the greatest invention since ...
Science, bread, slice, invention, greatest thing, moustache, great granddad Dilbert, great granddad Dogbert

Dogbert was hit by a Volkswagen.
Pun, accident, car, Volkswagen, fahrvergnugen, traffic, hurt, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert has an idea and his boss tries to hide it.
Management, idea, secret, power-hungry, brick, Dilbert, Boss, Dogbert

Dilbert is nervous before his blind date. His date turns out to be a dog.
Start of saga: Dilbert dates a dog.
Dating, date, blind date, dog, fetching, nervous, compliment, flowers, Dilbert, Judy

Judy says she's a woman trapped in a dog's body.
Dating, blind date, restaurant, species, operation, electrolysis, Dilbert, Judy

Dilbert says he wouldn't have gone out with Judy if he had known she was a dog.
Dating, blind date, dog's body, let's be friends, pet, Dilbert, Judy

Dilbert's date with a dog is over, and it's time for a good night kiss.
Dating, blind date, kiss, fetch, graceful, stick, Judy, Dilbert

Dilbert watches a news broadcast, which advises of body parts strewn for miles.
Personal, news, television, crash, body parts, sandwich, Dilbert, news reader

A man says he worked as a sheep rancher before he worked at the office.
Office Politics, sheep, rancher, count sheep, asleep, co-worker, Dilbert

The most feared creature on the face of the earth is .. the ugly single male.
Science, creature, fear, rabies, ugly, sacrifice, maiden, eye contact, draw straws, Donald Trump, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dogbert wrote the entire Encyclopedia Britannica on a single hair.
Start of saga: Dogbert's Museum of the Strange and Amazing.
Dogbert-Schemes, Encyclopedia Britannica, micro, hair, museum, prove, Bible, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dogbert opens a "Museum of the Strange and Amazing."
Dogbert-Schemes, museum of the strange and amazing, Dan Quayle, brain, Marilyn Quayle, cauliflower, Dogbert, tourist

Dogbert stops at the next exhibit: a shirt made of Tasmanian Woogat Silk.
Dogbert-Schemes, museum of the strange and amazing, shirt, Tasmanian Woogat Silk, polyester, gift shop, Dogbert, tourist

Dogbert shows the remains of D.B. Cooper.
Dogbert-Schemes, museum of the strange and amazing, DB Cooper, hijack, parachute, rob, remains, crash, museum, Dogbert

Dogbert shows his pride exhibit: an engineer.
Dogbert-Schemes, museum of the strange and amazing, exhibit, engineer, trance, whiffle ball, Dogbert, tourist

Dogbert shows off his latest exhibit: a piece of the Berlin Wall.
Dogbert-Schemes, museum of the strange and amazing, Berlin Wall, hillbilly, sidewalk, trade, apology, Dogbert, Flossie, tourist

Why do politicians lie? Dogbert explains.
Politics, politician, lie, election, vote, truth, knowledge, danger, Bob, Dogbert

Dilbert joined the "Scientist Anti-Defamation League."
Start of saga: The Scientist Anti-Defamation League.
Science, Scientist Anti-Defamation League, stereotype, media, concentration, tie, Dilbert, Dogbert

The meeting of the Scientist Anti-Defamation league is about social lives.
Science, Scientist Anti-Defamation League, meeting, stereotype, social life, Saturday, scientist

The meeting of the Scientist Anti-Defamation League starts with a film about stereotypes.
Science, Scientist Anti-Defamation League, film, meeting, projector, volunteer, scientist

All of the Scientist Anti-Defamation League members are male. How do they fix that?
Science, Scientist Anti-Defamation League, stereotype, aerobic instructor, male, scientist

The Scientist Anti-Defamation League has a fund raiser.
Science, Scientist Anti-Defamation League, bake sale, fund raiser, volcano, fiasco, scientist, Dilbert

The Boss recognises Wilson for working hard and helping the project.
Management, employee recognition program, project, mistaken identity, Boss, employee

Dogbert explains the difference between good and evil to Rex.
Philosophy, good, evil, heart, gut, brain, Rex, Dogbert

Dilbert goes to a medical centre and selects the full service.
Start of saga: Dilbert visits a low cost medical centre.
Health, medical centre, self service, full service, glasses, shirt, stethoscope, Dilbert, nurse, doctor

A doctor explains how the Jiffy Med Centre keeps its costs down.
Health, medical centre, cost, training, stethoscope, doctor

A doctor listens to Dilbert's chest and asks him to sing.
Health, medical centre, cough, Liza Minnelli, Sony Walkman, cabaret, stethoscope, doctor, Dilbert

The doctor gives Dilbert some unconventional treatment for his arm.
Health, medical centre, treatment, Demon of Gaath, unconventional, stethoscope, doctor, Dilbert