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Dawn and Bob think of a name for their new egg.
Pun, name, egg, Shelley, hatch, Dawn, Bob

Dilbert makes avocado dip, but Dogbert says he doesn't like avocados.
Family, avocado dip, hate, potato chip, logic, deal, nose, lie, Dilbert, Dogbert

Bob baby-sits the egg.
Family, babysit, egg, dad, Dawn, Bob

Bob plans a room for the new baby.
Family, nest, room, closet, hole, dirt, Bob, Dawn

Bob and Dawn's egg hatches.
Family, egg, hatch, kick, lesson, cave, Dawn, Bob, Rex

Bob and dawn have a baby, which shows Bob's traits.
Family, dinosaur, brain, cave, Bob, Dawn

The baby is named.
Family, baby, wreck, living room, kitchen, bedroom, Bob, Dawn, Rex

Rex goes wild by constantly running around the house.
Family, baby, wild, run, reason, Dilbert, Bob, Rex

Dogbert wants to become an ambassador for the country of Pingo-Pongo.
Dogbert-Schemes, Pingo-Pongo, radical, embassy, diplomatic immunity, weapon, Jello, trust, Dogbert, ambassador

Dawn shows Bob how to be firm with Rex.
Family, discipline, spank, firm, Mother's Day, Fathers Day, resentful, Bob, Dawn, Rex

Bob wants Rex to do what he's told for two decades.
Family, parent, childhood, discipline, cave, Bob, Rex

Dawn says Rex should listen to her, to avoid danger.
Family, parent, mother, experience, danger, eye, cave, Dawn, Rex, Bob

A stranger appears glum because he has lost face.
Health, glum, lost face, Dogbert, plastic surgeon

Dilbert and other engineers top each other with "I once built" bragging.
Engineer, engineer, brag, lunch, Dilbert, co-worker

A women's hair contains clues to her marital status.
Society, clue, hair, single, marry, kid, woman

Dilbert bumps somebody's car and winds up in court.
Pun, car, accident, bumper, contortionist, law, court, settlement, circus, trial, Dilbert, circus contortionist, lawyer

Dogbert protests opera's obscene lyrics.
Start of saga: Dogbert protests against opera.
Family, lyrics, opera, obscene, letter, protest, language, sheltered life, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dogbert rails against opera and wants it banned from television.
Family, opera, television, ban, obscene, language, children, Viking, holler, Dogbert

A television executive reads an opera protest letter from Dogbert.
Society, letter, complaint, obscene, opera, lyrics, Italian, television executive

Dogbert writes to his senator to protest obscene lyrics in opera.
Politics, constitutional amendment, lyrics, opera, obscene, issue, Dogbert, Dilbert, senator

A senator wants to take up banning opera because there's no political risk.
Politics, opera, ban, protest, poll, risk, election, corpse, senator Newt Axxes

Dilbert warns of censorship of opera lyrics.
Politics, censor, opera, art, campaign, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dogbert describes his Christmas wish list -- domination, happiness, ego gratification.
Family, Christmas, world domination, ego, love, laugh, wish, fireplace, stocking, Dilbert, Dogbert

At Dilbert's annual review, he describes his biggest accomplishment -- automatic dentures.
Start of saga: Dilbert's invention -- automatic dentures.
Performance Review, automatic, dentures, pause, invention, Dilbert, Boss

Dilbert demonstrates his invention -- automatic dentures.
Technology, automatic, dentures, eat, meat loaf, Willy Johnson, bad news, workbench, gizmo, Dilbert, Boss

Dilbert's invention, automatic dentures, mistook Johnson for a meat loaf.
Technology, automatic, dentures, meat loaf, Willy Johnson, form, dead, workbench, gizmo, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert breaks the news about Willy Johnson being eaten to his widow.
Society, automatic, dentures, invention, bad news, Dilbert, Widow Johnson

Police investigate Willy Johnson's death.
Law, investigation, automatic, dentures, Willy Johnson, test, corn on the cob, police officer, Dilbert

Dilbert describes his blind date -- she had too much makeup on, and Dilbert had to do the talking.
Dating, blind date, makeup, mime, invisible dog, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dilbert gets an Alpine Ski Machine to get rid of pounds.
Technology, fitness, television, advertisement, alpine ski machine, exercise, trapped, Dilbert

Dilbert gets e-mail. The ID on Prodigy is MWPG03A.
Note: Scott Adam's Prodigy e-mail address is announced.
Technology, e-mail, efficiency, Prodigy, Scott Adams' e-mail address, Dogbert, Dilbert