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Dilbert's invention, that was willed to Dogbert, comes to life with a holographic message.
Science, death, invention, holograph, grave, chile con carne, recipe, gizmo, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dogbert awakes and thinks he had dreamed Dilbert's death.
Family, nightmare, death, deer, chile con carne, dream, pillow, Dogbert, Bob

The Garbageman pulls a cloning machine out of Dilbert's garbage.
Science, garbage, clone, death, math, holograph, chile con carne, garbage can, Garbageman, Dogbert

Dogbert asks the Garbageman to finish Dilbert's cloning machine to get Dilbert back.
Science, clone, death, filter, part, stigma, garbage can, stigma, Dogbert, Garbageman

The Garbageman and Dogbert try to create a clone of the dead Dilbert.
Science, clone, death, machine, Arm and Hammer, creature, garbage can, gizmo, baking soda, Garbageman, Dogbert

Dilbert wonders why his is in a garbage can without clothes.
Family, clone, death, naked, garbage can, deer, pool, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dogbert rubs lamps hopefully.
Pun, rub, lamp, genie, magic, wish, relish, wiener, Dilbert, Dogbert, genie

Dilbert thanks Dogbert for cloning him after his death.
Family, clone, alive, tradition, slave, banana split, naked, Dilbert, Dogbert

The admin assistant fills in an absence report for the time Dilbert was off work.
Administration, sick, deer, clone, off work, absence report, Dilbert, administrator

Dilbert notices a young couple kissing in the park.
Society, kiss, park, public, impolite, victim, stare, public display of affection, PDA, park bench, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert receives an elbow warmer from his Aunt Helen.
Family, elbow warmer, gift, Aunt Helen, knit, chain, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert's date has trouble expressing her feelings about him.
Dating, feeling, field, wheat, restaurant, bird, tractor, Dilbert, Dilbert's date

Dilbert has woken up for work then realises it's Saturday.
Personal, work, Saturday, bed, Dilbert

Dogbert leaps to an old lady's aid after her purse was stolen.
Society, mug, purse snatch, reward, Chiclets, bystander, Dilbert, Dogbert, lady, mugger

Dilbert and Dogbert get called for jury duty.
Start of saga: Dilbert and Dogbert serve on a jury at a murder trial.
Law, mail, letter, jury duty, Ed McMahon, betray, mailbox, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dogbert doesn't want to serve on a jury.
Law, jury duty, waste of time, civic, free society, letter, Dogbert, Dilbert

A lawyer describes his client at the jury selection.
Law, jury duty, select, client, victim, allege, defence, court, lawyer

A lawyer says his client could not have committed the crimes he was accused of.
Law, trial, jury duty, defendant, kill, crime, accuse, court, axe, executioner's hood, lawyer, Dogbert

Dogbert, a juror, says he killed the people, not the defendant.
Law, trial, jury duty, innocent, outburst, court, kill, Dogbert

A lawyer says so what if his client killed twelve people.
Law, trial, jury duty, court, client, lineup, axe, executioner's hood, lawyer

Dogbert asks a woman why she is hugging a loaf of bread.
Family, park, bench, baby, bread, loaf, bond, Dogbert, woman

Dogbert elects himself to be jury foreman.
Law, jury duty, trial, foreman, evidence, coin, Dogbert

Dogbert reads the jury's verdict to the judge.
Law, jury duty, trial, verdict, attorney, sentence, muumuu, judge, Dogbert

The Boss asks if there are any questions at the end of a staff meeting.
Meeting, staff meeting, question, quality, customer, focus, Boss, Johnson

Dilbert looks at a painting where the eyes follow you.
Society, art, exhibit, painting, effect, weird, home, gallery, Dilbert, gallery attendant

Dilbert gets his mail, some of which is addressed to him.
Philosophy, mail, letter, resident, Dilbert

Dogbert demonstrates how to be a boring person -- counting numbers that are divisible by two.
Society, boring, list, numbers, counting on fingers, Dogbert, Dilbert

Wendel gives Dilbert a slap on the back, and Dilbert is suspicious about a "kick me" sign.
Office Politics, slap on the back, kick me, paper towel, men's room, Dilbert, Wendel

Dilbert hired a house cleaner to come weekly.
Start of saga: Dilbert hires a nasty cleaning person.
Family, flame thrower, house, clean, mildew, cleaning person, Mohawk, apron, feather duster, Dilbert, Mr. Tidy

The cleaning person says he is experienced and has cleaned out many nice homes.
Family, cleaning person, agency, van, Mohawk, eye patch, apron, Dilbert, Mr. Tidy

Dilbert's cleaning person loads Dilbert's possessions into his van.
Family, cleaning person, van, vacuum, watchdog, beg for mercy, Mohawk, eye patch, apron, television, Dogbert, Mr. Tidy