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Dilbert invents fins for humans to be more aerodynamic.
Science, fin, aerodynamic, invention, Charles Darwin, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert feels the Boss doesn't respect him, and tells him so.
Management, body language, respect, sneeze, shirt, rip, intangible, Dilbert, Boss

Dogbert has a brochure for his new health spa.
Dogbert-Schemes, brochure, mineral water, smart, health, spa, Dogbert, Dilbert

Bob is the new masseur at Dogbert's spa.
Dogbert-Schemes, spa, massage, hurt, mineral water, client, new age, Dogbert, Bob

Dogbert greets customers at his new spa.
Dogbert-Schemes, spa, mineral water, Atlantis, crystal, doughnut, cash register, Dogbert, spa clients

The schedule is announced at Dogbert's spa.
Dogbert-Schemes, spa, mineral water, new age, chowder, Jackie Mason, therapy, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dogbert introduced the relaxation phase in the spa.
Dogbert-Schemes, spa, mineral water, therapy, pharaoh, pyramid, bandage, bullhorn, Dogbert

An unsatisfied client speaks her mind about Dogbert's spa.
Dogbert-Schemes, spa, mineral water, rip-off, free sample, evil, water hose, client, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dilbert's foot, arm and tongue fall asleep.
Personal, sleep, blood, foot, arm, hop, tongue, nose, sneeze, Dilbert

Dilbert gets chosen for a space shuttle mission.
Science, space shuttle, mission, leader, field, NASA, nerd, weightless, study, Dilbert, Dogbert, NASA engineer

Dilbert gets a space shuttle mission briefing.
Science, space shuttle, mission, astronaut, monkey, Nintendo, video, NASA engineer, Dilbert

An unemployed man explains why Americans are losing to foreign business.
Professional, market share, ethics, foreign business, park bench, Dogbert, unemployed man

A repairman looks at Dilbert's television.
Retail, television, repair, part, engineer's pill, knock out, Dilbert, television repairman

Dogbert gives an opposing view on animal rights.
Dogbert-Schemes, editorial, television, ruler, disclaimer, microphone, Dilbert, Dogbert, news reader

Dilbert compares a woman to a bottle of wine.
Philosophy, woman, wine, distinct, life, cork, sniffer, Dilbert, Dogbert

An old lady in a supermarket express lane takes a lot of time.
Retail, supermarket, grocery, express, coupon, cheque, check, purse, handbag, coyote, lady, clerk

Mother nature takes revenge on people contributing to the ozone problem.
Science, ozone, air freshener, lightning, Mother Nature, Dilbert

Dilbert's computer model on holes in the ozone is destroyed.
Science, ozone, lightning, computer model, Dilbert, Dogbert

Mother Nature wants everybody off the planet.
Start of saga: Mother nature evicts everyone from the planet.
Science, evict, plastic, planet, pollution, ecology, Mother Nature, Dilbert

Dilbert doesn't want to leave the planet, and tells Mother Nature.
Science, evict, planet, pollute, ecology, dolphin, acid rain, recycle, Dilbert, Mother Nature

Mother Nature says people can stay on the planet, but makes an example of Dilbert.
Science, evict, litter, pollute, planet, Gary Larson, deer, hood, prize, The Far Side, Mother Nature, Dilbert

Dilbert gets shot by deer with a bow and arrow.
Start of saga: Dilbert is killed by deer.
Science, headlight, trophy, computer, tree, programmer's daze, arrow, opposable thumbs, deer

Dilbert introduces procedures to the household.
Family, bureaucracy, form, food, drink, procedure, deny, file cabinet, Dilbert, Dogbert

A police officer tells Dogbert Dilbert has been killed by deer.
Family, death, news, deer, hunt, fingerprint, Dogbert, police officer

Dogbert deals with the stages of grief at Dilbert's death.
Family, grief, denial, anger, economics, funeral, pillow, Dogbert

Dogbert talks to a psychologist about Dilbert's death.
Family, death, grief, inheritance, sorrow, couch, Dogbert, psychologist

Dogbert inherited a strange invention from Dilbert.
Pun, will, stiff, invention, inheritance, gizmo, Dogbert, Bob

Bob and Dogbert examine the gadget Dilbert left them.
Family, will, custodian, soap dispenser, guess, inheritance, gizmo, Bob, Dogbert

Dogbert still doesn't know what Dilbert left him in his will.
Family, invention, death, inheritance, evolution, gizmo, Dogbert, Bob

Dogbert consults a doctor about his happy tongue.
Pun, happy tongue, worry, tongue depressor, Dogbert, doctor