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Ratbert is introduced to Bob and Dawn.
Family, mouse, mistake, scare, playing cards, Dogbert, Ratbert, Bob, Dawn

The professor comes looking for Ratbert, his escaped lab rat.
Family, laboratory, trail, budget, CPR, escape, Dilbert, professor

The professor asks Ratbert to come back to the lab.
Family, laboratory, XP-39C^2, job, will power, professor, Ratbert

Ratbert says goodbye to Dogbert.
Family, laboratory, love, stupid, feed, Ratbert, Dogbert

Dilbert enjoys being the first to read the Sunday newspaper.
Family, Sunday paper, page, read, punchline, jump, section, Dilbert, Dogbert

A news report says love made a lab rat stupid.
Science, laboratory, love, stupid, Time magazine, media, television, news, news reader

Dilbert starts exercising at a health club.
Health, exercise, expert, Amabor Health Club, workout bench, Dilbert

Doctor Fishlips wants Dilbert to come in for some X-rays.
Health, X-ray, telephone, appendectomy, prisoner, Tiny Tom, escape, stethoscope, police officer, Doctor Fishlips, Dilbert

The doctor explains a small person may have hidden inside Dilbert during his operation.
Health, appendectomy, prison, patient, Tiny Tom, torso, Alien, movie, stethoscope, Doctor Fishlips, police officer, Dilbert

In an X-Ray of Dilbert, the doctor locates Tiny Tom.
Health, Tiny Tom, X-ray, pancreas, suspension of disbelief, nurse, tramp, stethoscope, police officer, Doctor Fishlips, Dilbert

Dilbert relates his story of how people had hidden inside his torso during an operation.
Health, surgery, convict, torso, medical story, boring, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert and Dogbert make jokes at each others expense.
Family, joke, engineer, lightbulb, equator, fungus, steamroller, personal, Dogbert, Dilbert

The Boss asks Dilbert to go to the Accounting Department and find out the meaning of a report.
Start of saga: Dilbert visits the Accounting Department.
Accounting, report, fear, crystal ball, witch, troll, Boss, Dilbert, accountant, Bradley

Dilbert nervously enters the Accounting Department.
Accounting, entrance, visit, question, chain, tied up, spear, witch, troll, Dilbert, accountant, Bradley

The Accounting person asks Dilbert why he came to the Accounting Department.
Accounting, inquisition, sex, androgynous, witch, troll, chain, spear, Dilbert, accountant, Bradley

Dilbert gets treated more leniently than others for questioning a budget report.
Accounting, budget report, explanation, chain, torture, analysis, witch, troll, accountant, Dilbert, Bradley

Dilbert gets conscripted to work in Accounting.
Accounting, engineer, change, air, training, attitude, witch, troll, accountant, Dilbert, Bradley

Bradley shows Dilbert how numbers create reality instead of reflect reality.
Accounting, numbers change reality, reflect, create, budget, troll, Dilbert, Bradley

Dilbert computes an asteroid will collide with Earth in two minutes.
Science, asteroid, astronomy, telescope, collision, repent, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert slowly turns into a troll as he works in the Accounting Department. He destroys the Accounting Department by erasing its budget.
Accounting, troll, budget, melt, Dilbert, Bradley, accountant

Dogbert joins the anti-fur movement.
Society, anti-fur, hypocritical, fur, protest, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dogbert confronts a woman about her fur coat.
Society, protest, fur, conscience, mink, coat, mitten, Dogbert, lady

Dogbert protests in front of a store that has a fur sale.
Society, fur, protest, store, spelling, murder, Dogbert, store owner

Dilbert and Wally exchange bad jokes.
Pun, work hard, hardly working, snort, curse, Wally, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert says people who don't own cars should be able to use car phones.
Science, idea, telephone, car, prestige, coin, Dilbert

Should you salt your food before tasting?
Family, food, salt, portion, Dilbert, Dogbert

Some mysterious force draws Dilbert into a hardware store.
Start of saga: Dilbert and his love of tools.
Retail, hardware store, force, clothes, shop, naked, engineer, tool, polka-dot underwear, Dilbert, clerk

Dilbert wonders what it was like before tools were invented.
Retail, hardware store, shop, binge, tool, Phillips screw, fern, Bob, Dilbert

Dilbert tells the psychologist about his love of tools.
Retail, hardware store, tool, irrational, stupid guy-thing, Dilbert, psychologist

Dilbert continues on the psychologist's couch.
Personal, hardware store, tool, feeling, selfish, Dilbert, psychologist

The psychologist complains about her job and how she hates hearing about problems.
Personal, date, biological clock, problem, ethics, ugly, Dilbert, psychologist