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Dilbert and Dogbert visit some neighbours, who aren't pleased to see them.
Family, visit, neighbour, coffee, television, scum, Dilbert, Dogbert, neighbour

Bob sees a help wanted ad for a babysitter and thinks he'd be perfect for the job.
Start of saga: Bob the babysitter.
Family, help wanted, babysitter, carnivore, strict disciplinarian, resume, Bob, Dogbert

Bob arrives for his babysitting job.
Family, babysitter, bigot, job, Bob, parent

The parents decide to interview Bob for the babysitting job.
Family, babysitter, carnivore, no charge, interview, parent, Bob

Bob is interviewed for a babysitting job.
Family, babysitter, interview, emergency, asteroid, ice age, parent, Bob

Dilbert frightens Dogbert.
Family, scare, pillow, fright, ear, corner, Dogbert, Dilbert, doctor

Dogbert's ears will return to normal when Dogbert forgives Dilbert.
Health, forgive, psychosomatic, scare, revenge, car, firecracker, dynamite, Dilbert, Dogbert

If people had tails, they'd look silly, and even worse, they couldn't lie.
Science, tail, silly, bluff, poker, jury, trial, wag, party, story, Porsche, steamroller, Dilbert, man, woman

A secretary is more talented than he appears.
Start of saga: Dilbert supervises the department secretary.
Administration, secretary, image, author, jazz pianist, thespian, PhD, psychology, chef, crisis, Dilbert, secretary

Dilbert is in charge of the department secretary.
Administration, secretary, personal telephone call, costume, discreet, sombrero, maracas, Boss, Dilbert, secretary

Dilbert discusses the secretary's career path.
Administration, secretary, supervisor, career path, actor, doctor, famous, Dilbert, secretary

Dilbert has trouble supervising the secretary.
Administration, secretary, supervisor, positive reinforcement, trust, message, gibberish, Dilbert, Dogbert, secretary

Dilbert thinks the secretary has a self-image problem.
Administration, secretary, supervisor, self-image, problem, paper clip, Dilbert, secretary, co-worker

Dilbert wants to know if it's really necessary to change oil.
Retail, garage, oil change, car, Dilbert, mechanic

The Boss describes Irv Klepfurd's career at his retirement celebration.
Management, retire, pilfer, office supplies, paper clip, garage, personal telephone call, gold watch, banquet, Boss, Irv Klepfurd

Prehistoric Dilbert invents the wheel.
Science, prehistoric, wheel, invention, fire, marshmallow, hammer, chisel, prehistoric Dilbert, prehistoric Dogbert

Dilbert realises he's a timid person.
Family, shy, timid, blanket, fort, furniture, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert's date says she likes eye contact with a man.
Dating, eye contact, urge, blink, restaurant, Dilbert, Dilbert's date

The Boss sends Dilbert to Japan on an employee exchange program.
Management, Japan, competition, technology, exchange, Boss, Dilbert

Dogbert contemplates fishing and eating worms.
Philosophy, fish, worm, eat, wasted step, pillow, Dogbert

The waiter shows the results of different levels of tipping.
Retail, waiter, restaurant, tip, percentage, waiter

Dogbert meets a dust bunny, who wants to start a tradition.
Family, dust bunny, icon, hymn, gift, vacuum cleaner, housekeeping, Dogbert, dust bunny

A professor presents Ratbert, a rat specially bred to be susceptible to peer pressure.
Note: Ratbert's first appearance.
Science, laboratory, rat, peer pressure, beer, hurting animals, professor, Ratbert

Ratbert wants to know why he is being fed a hundred pounds of macaroni and cheese every day.
Science, laboratory, macaroni, cheese, paranoia, sinister, experiment, ears, Ratbert, professor

Ratbert plans his escape from the lab.
Science, laboratory, macaroni, cheese, escape, Ratbert

Ratbert arrives at Dilbert's house.
Family, scratch, laboratory, macaroni, cheese, hearing, experiment, Dilbert, Dogbert, Ratbert

Ratbert asks for sanctuary at Dilbert's house.
Family, escape, laboratory, exile, sanctuary, embassy, Ratbert, Dogbert

Ratbert describes his experiences at the lab.
Family, laboratory, experiment, respect, science, Ratbert, Dogbert

Thor visits Dogbert and asks him to become a Norse God as well.
Family, god of thunder, aspirin, pun, Norse God, static cling, Velcro, mayonnaise, Thor, Dogbert

Ratbert is introduced to Dilbert.
Family, vermin, plague, personality, television, Dogbert, Ratbert, Dilbert

Dogbert and Ratbert decide on a name for Ratbert.
Family, Mickey, Rodney, Bill, Vernon, Dogbert, Ratbert