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Dogbert says human laws do not apply to him.
Law, research, human laws, owner, pet, selfish, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dilbert's date shows Dilbert her operating manual.
Dating, operating manual, restaurant, flower, opening door, jewelry, Dilbert, Dilbert's date

Dogbert sings the "greens," a less depressing form of singing the blues.
Family, noise, sign, blues, greens, depressed, guitar, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert is rejected for a date with a co-worker.
Dating, resign, unemployment, social security number, unlucky, play hard to get, Dilbert, co-worker

Dilbert reflects on why we can't remember things for a moment after waking.
Personal, morning, waking, confusion, Dilbert

Bob is tired of hiding and wants to do a comeback tour.
Family, hide, rule the planet, extinct, comeback tour, Elvis, jumpsuit, Bob, Dogbert

Bob plans the dinosaurs' comeback tour.
Family, comeback tour, My Way, bite somebody's head off, Ozzy Osbourne, Bob, Dogbert

Bob tackles Dilbert to prevent him from opening the freezer.
Family, refrigerator, ice cream, nervous, tackle, ice age, Dilbert, Bob

Dogbert tests female intuition.
Science, woman's intuition, number between one and ten, skeptic, Dogbert, woman

A television commercial threatens violence if their product is not purchased.
Product, tire company, television, advertisement, threat, advertiser, Dogbert

Dilbert is asked to be candid at a meeting about the company's new product.
Product, engineering, corporate philosophy, humiliate, tar and feather, shoot the messenger, presentation, assault rifle, gizmo, Dilbert, co-worker

Dilbert says many famous people got by with very little sleep.
Family, sleep, nap, famous, Jackie Gleason, Ben Franklin, Napoleon, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert decides to host a dog from the Soviet Union.
Start of saga: Dorgy comes to visit.
Family, Soviet Exchange Program, host, Nikita Dorgachev, battle tank, combat helmet, Dilbert, Dogbert, Dorgy

Dogbert meets Dorgy from the Soviet exchange program.
Family, Soviet Exchange Program, capitalism, God, Donald Trump, battle tank, combat helmet, Dogbert, Dorgy

Dorgy learns how anybody in the capitalist system can become rich.
Family, capitalism, inheritance, crime, system, Dogbert, Dorgy

Dorgy becomes a maid at the bottom rung on the way to become a major industrialist.
Family, capitalism, maid, promotion, industrialist, system, Japan, feather duster, apron, Dilbert, Dorgy, Dogbert

Dogs are very loyal, thinks Dilbert.
Family, loyalty, sweater, flush, honesty, toilet, Dilbert, Dogbert

Bob describes the time when dinosaurs evolved into birds.
Science, dinosaur, evolve, bird, bonus miles, crash helmet, cliff, Dogbert, Bob

Dilbert asks the library reference desk a tough question.
Start of saga: Dilbert dates the woman at the library reference desk.
Science, library, reference desk, Tasmanian Boola-Boola dog, smart, Dilbert, librarian

Dilbert gets a blind date with the woman at the library reference desk.
Dating, blind date, librarian, ugly, read minds, mirror, restaurant, Dilbert, Dogbert, Brainella

Dilbert and Brainella discuss her work at a restaurant.
Dating, memorise, inadequate, library, reference desk, restaurant, paper umbrella, Dilbert, Brainella

Dilbert wants to discuss smart stuff with Brainella.
Dating, smart, intimidate, explosion, outfit, restaurant, Dilbert, Brainella

Dilbert brings Brainella home for coffee and she meets Dogbert.
Dating, smart, coffee, insult, queen bee, lightbulb, Dilbert, Dogbert, Brainella

Dogbert ponders "fast" and "fast food."
Pun, fast food, starve, restaurant, philosophy, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dilbert predicts what people will be like in the year 2190.
Science, computer model, predict, society, assumption, overweight, selfish, futurist, Dilbert, Dogbert, kid

Dilbert describes Uncle Phil, who died while hang gliding, to Dogbert.
Family, hang gliding, instruction manual, tree, hangman's noose, rope, Dilbert, Dogbert, Uncle Phil

The Boss recognises Dilbert's job performance by naming a pencil after him.
Performance Review, job performance, pencil, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert enjoys taking Dogbert for a walk but Dogbert objects to being called a mutt.
Family, walk, mutt, canine, pooch, pinhead, bowser, blockhead, hound, hiney, Dilbert, Dogbert