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Dogbert has a good laugh when Dilbert tells about how he misunderstood his boss's name "Neal."
Family, pun, new boss, Eatachair, kneel, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dilbert and Dogbert go to a restaurant where Dogbert violates the no pets rule.
Society, Scaparotti's Restaurant, ravioli, garlic, catsup, Siamese cat, fedora, ketchup, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dogbert misunderstands Dilbert when he asks for a can of tennis balls.
Pun, tennis, can of balls, racquet, Dilbert, Dogbert, cannibal

Dilbert enjoys his coffee but fears the third-degree wrist burns from carrying it.
Personal, coffee, desk, office, alert, shorts, injury, Dilbert

Dilbert demonstrates the art of telling a joke.
Family, beer, cactus, joke, pattern, timing, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert and Dogbert are accidentally transported to the land of overused phrases.
Science, trans-dimensional, radio, land of overused phrases, Dilbert, Dogbert, man

Dogbert wonders who he resembles -- Rin Tin Tin, Lassie or Benji.
Personal, Rin Tin Tin, Lassie, Benji, furry egg, inspirational boost, mirror, towel, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dilbert says he has a disk drive and printer as options on his toaster.
Technology, brochure, Electronics Anonymous, toaster, emergency, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert buys amethyst earrings for his mother's birthday.
Pun, earring, birthday, amethyst, atheist, apology, God, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert's invention will permanently connect the Earth to the moon.
Science, invention, solid particle bridge, Earth, moon, ice age, warning label, gizmo, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert joins the "Perpetual Motion Club" and learns the secret handshake.
Society, Perpetual Motion Club, secret handshake, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dilbert has an urge to take two newspapers from a vending machine and only pay for one.
Personal, newspaper, thief, vending machine, money, caught in the act, Dilbert

Dilbert invents an efficient trash compactor.
Science, garbage, trash compactor, brick, Sylvester Stallone, stink, gizmo, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert reads walking a dog is the best time to pick up women.
Dating, walking a dog, pick up women, single male, leash, pick-up line, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert watches television news where the management of Megaslime Corporation are accused of being hideous reptilian aliens.
Business, news, television, Megaslime Corporation, reptilian, alien, spokesperson, Dilbert, news reader

Management of Megaslime Corporation deny they are reptilian aliens, according to the news.
Business, news, television, Megaslime Corporation, management, reptilian, alien, bug, gerbil, Merv Griffin, game show, news reader, Dogbert

Dogbert wonders if a pound of pasta and a pound of antipasto would cancel each other out.
Personal, food, philosophy, Socrates, Plato, pasta, antipasto, debate, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dilbert builds a robot dog and Dogbert thinks it's a replacement.
Science, robot dog, devil dog, serve, master, Dilbert, Dogbert, robot dog

Dilbert invents a device that can calculate the odds of any event.
Science, odds, calculate, Barry Manilow, Carnegie Hall, NBC, docudrama, gizmo, Dilbert, Dogbert

The bear skin rug kit Dilbert ordered arrives at the door.
Business, bear skin rug, kit, mail order, scam, workbench, gizmo, tool, bear suit, Dilbert, bear, sales manager

Dogbert writes a self-help book for compulsive shoppers.
Dogbert-Schemes, book, self-help, compulsive shopper, write, Dilbert, Dogbert

Helen turns Dilbert down for a date even though they've never met.
Dating, telephone, first-strike, turn down, Dilbert, Dogbert, Helen

Dilbert writes the finest memo known to man, but is curiously unfulfilled.
Professional, memo, unfulfilled, CC, vision, staple, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dogbert tells Dilbert he shouldn't care what others think of his work.
Personal, opinion, Wright brothers, Galileo, Columbus, torpedo, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dilbert asks Dogbert what happened to his good ruler.
Pun, ruler, broken, flaw, argument, tool, Dilbert, Dogbert

Einstein says time slows down as the speed of light is approached and time flies when you're having fun.
Science, Einstein, time, speed of light, time flies, philosophy, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert describes his dream about being kidnapped to an illegal lint farm.
Personal, dream, hillbilly, pocket lint, lint farm, flannel, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dogbert becomes a Swami by mail. He makes general predictions to build trust.
Dogbert-Schemes, Swami, trainee, trust, swami hat, crystal ball, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dilbert is using radiation to mutate new species of vegetables.
Science, lab, radiation, mutate, vegetable, broccoli, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert gets his latest "Toast of the Month."
Personal, thrill, hope, Toast of the Month Club, mailbox, Dilbert

Dilbert gets his ruined shirts from the dry cleaner.
Business, Wally's Laundry, shirt, laundry, glue, tip, clothes rack, Wally the dry cleaner, Dilbert, Dogbert